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Happy landings...wasted stair space put to good use.

Happy landings ... wasted stair space put to good use Stair landings have more potential than is usuall realized. Too often, they're just wasted intervals on the way from one level to another. But the situations you see here and on page 122 show what a little planning can achieve.

A landing can become a curl-up nook, a work area, or even a cozy sleeping platform for an overnight guest. The turn in the stairs can make a good display place, as the partition with niches and glass cases above or the book-and-artifact shelves on page 122 show.

Sharing the stairwell's vertical volume, even small landings can feel spacious, especially if skylights bring in abundant light. If the stairwell is open, rooms at both upper and lower levels share this sense of spaciousness. A relatively small midlevel space (like the sewing table at left) can also benefit from this sense of volume, looking bigger than it is and retaining a sense of communication with other activities in the house.

Because landings are used primarily as transition points between levels and are generally at least half a story above from other rooms indoors and from the outside looking in--when they take on other uses isn't usually a problem.

A tight space may not allow for much more than a built-in seat for reading. But with careful planning and attention to dimensions, the cushioned platform at upper left was made to double as an emergency "guest room." Recessed lights in the ceiling above the platform make it a good place to curl up with a book after the guest departs.
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Date:Nov 1, 1986
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