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Happy Harvest wreath.

Welcome fall with a pretty bubble wreath featuring freestanding felt leaves and a feisty pinecone. Choose from six designs in our exclusive Happy Harvest collection to create a unique wreath for your front door.


+ Three 10-yard packages of 4"-6"-wide burlap ribbon

+ One 10-yard package of 2"-wide burlap ribbon (bow)

+ 14"-diameter wire wreath frame

+ Floral wire

+ 3 coordinating felt sheets (orange, red & yellow)

+ 18" square of batting

+ Medium- to heavyweight water-soluble tear-away stabilizer

+ Thread: bobbin & coordinating rayon embroidery

+ Polyester fiberfill

+ Embroidery tape

+ Chopstitck or point turner

+ Hand sewing needle

+ Wire cutters

+ Applique scissors (optional)


* Begin with one wide burlap ribbon package. Tie the ribbon end in a knot around the back of the wire wreath, between two wires. Pull the ribbon through two wire frames to form a loop the desired length. Twist the loop base to secure. Repeat to create more loops through the wires, placing loops next to each other between adjacent wires.

* At the ribbon end, tuck the end behind the last loop so the raw edges are along the wreath back. Use floral wire to secure the raw end to the wreath back, twisting the wire around the end and through a wire ring. Trim off the excess wire using wire cutters.

* Repeat to add as many loops as needed with the remaining wide burlap ribbon until the wreath is as full as desired.


* Using the narrow burlap ribbon, make a small loop for the bow center; use floral wire to secure the loop. Continue to create loops around the center, wrapping more floral wire around the center loop to secure each subsequent loop. When the bow is as full as desired, wrap the floral wire around the bow center one last time to secure; twist and cut off the excess using wire cutters, leaving 6" tails.


* From each felt sheet, cut two 4 1/2"x6" rectangles for each ornament. From the batting, cut three 4 1/2"x5 3/4" rectangles.

* Download the Happy Harvest Pinecone design from cmemag. com/freebies until Oct. 31, 2018. Find the design after the expiration date and the Maple and Oak Leaf at Load the first design onto the machine.

* Load the bobbin and thread the needle with the color thread for the outline. Use standard bobbin thread until step six, and then use matching thread in the bobbin and needle to complete the design.

* Hoop a rectangle of water-soluble tear-away stabilizer. Place the hoop onto the machine.


* Embroider step one, which is the batting placement stitch. Remove the hoop from the machine. Place one batting rectangle over the placement stitches; tape the perimeter to secure.

* Re-place the hoop onto the machine, and then embroider step two, which is the batting anchoring line. Remove the hoop from the machine.

* Using applique or fine-tip embroidery scissors, trim the batting as close to the anchoring stitches as possible. Re-place the hoop onto the machine.

* Embroider step three, which is the felt placement line. Remove the hoop from the machine. Place a felt rectangle over the placement stitches; tape the perimeter to secure.

* Re-place the hoop onto the machine and then embroider step four, which is the felt anchoring line. Remove the hoop from the machine.

* Trim the felt 1/2" from the anchoring stitches (A). Re-place the hoop onto the machine. Note: When stitching a design that has a separate element, such as the Maple Leaf stem, trim along the outline, keeping the elements attached.

* Embroider step five, which is the face and details. Clip the jump threads with each thread change.

* Remove the hoop from the machine. Center the remaining felt rectangle over the design perimeter; tape the perimeter to secure. Re-place the hoop onto the machine. Note: Omit the ribbon loop identified for the ornament designs during this step.

* Embroider step six, which is the back anchoring stitch. Remove the hoop from the machine, and then flip over the hoop; remove the tape.

* Carefully tear away the stabilizer beyond the design.

* Trim both felt layers 1/8" from the anchoring stitches.

* Using a damp cotton swab or cloth, blot away the excess stabilizer from the design perimeter.

* Stuff a small amount of fiberfill through the opening. Use a chopstick or point turner to push the fiberfill into the edges first, and then fill the center.

* Hand stitch the opening closed using a backstitch and following the previous outline stitching.


* Cut three 5" lengths of floral wire. Punch two small holes through the center back of each felt ornament using the floral wire tip. Thread one wire length through the holes on one felt ornament. Repeat to add wire to each felt ornament.

* With the wreath right side facing up on a flat work surface, position the bow and ornaments where desired. Use the floral wire to attach each ornament, twisting the wire along the wreath back. Repeat to attach the bow.

* Use leftover narrow burlap ribbon or floral wire to create a hanging loop for the wreath. Thread the ribbon through the upper-edge center wire; tie the ends in a knot.


Pinecone, Maple & Oak Leaves: Happy Harvest Ornament Design Collection, Creative Machine Embroidery exclusive:


Use an 8"-diameter wreath frame or a square frame to change up the look.


Place the wreath face up on a table with a candle in the center for a fun centerpiece.
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