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Happy Birthday.

LOCAL BIRTHDAYS:Bill Kenwright, theatrical impresario, Deputy Chairman Everton FC, 57.

CELEBRITIES: TomWatson, golfer, 53; Damon Wayans, actor, 42; Kevin Kennedy, actor, 41; Noah Taylor, actor, 33; Ione Skye, actress, 32; Beyonce Knowles, singer (Destiny's Child), 21. It is this rich history and the role Liverpool has played in the development of British pop culture, producing more number one hits than any other city, which is explored in the book, out tomorrow.

``Music is the heart of Liverpool,'' explains Paul. ``It is more than a place where music happensit is a reason why music happens.''

Liverpool: Wondrous Place is based on three music eras: The Cavern, Eric's and Cream.

``I was of the Eric's era. I grew up with the likes of Andy McCluskey's OMD and the Icicle Works and they shaped the way I think and the way I write in the same way that the Beatles shaped and changed a generation.

``And that was in Mathew Street. And life moves on and it's great to know that in 2002 there's a wall of fame proving that Liverpool's vibrancy still goes on.''

Paul, who left Liverpool at 18 and now lives in Putney with his wife Una, is proud that life is now turning full circle.

His 10-year old son, Daniel, is at home but his other son Eddie, 18, is at Liverpool University studying English and Philosophy.

``I was thinking about that on the train coming here. I left at 18. He's coming here at 18.

``I am still Liverpool through and through and last month my wife Una and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary at the Town Hall. `` His mum, Jean, and late dad Tony retired a few years ago to Port Sunlight.

He says his book is aimed at making people - especially young people - aware of what Liverpool is about - the past, present and future.

``Liverpool reflects closeness. This wanting to be attached and


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Title Annotation:Comment
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 4, 2002
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