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Happy *@{^[%#~! Holidays!

Since this is the December PN, I'd like to say a few words about shopping during the holiday season. If you live in Snow Country, it won't matter whether we all drive the same kind of vehicle or have unique ones--if when you get to the shopping mall the plows have piled all the snow into the handicap-parking spaces.

Even if an educated plow driver leaves the van-accessible spaces clear, you must hope an equally educated hand-shovel technician has sense enough to completely clear a path from the curb cut of the parking lot all the way to the store's entrance.

Let's say you do get into the building. Store managers, in the frenzy of Christmas profits, usually pack so much merchandise, shelves, racks, boxes, etc., into the facility that it's hard for even anorexic ambulatory people to navigate their way from one department to the next.

This year when you see this happen, point it out to the store managers, and write letters about your concerns to regional offices. It's time merchants recognize the disabled population as a viable consumer source. We shop, go to movies, and eat out. We are customers with money to spend.

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Author:Melton, Gary W.
Publication:PN - Paraplegia News
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Date:Dec 1, 1998
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