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Blacklisted! "Are you now or have you ever been a Communist?" That question divided Hollywood--and America--during the Cold War. May 8, 2006 1801
Battle of the little Bighorn: Custer's death at the hands of Sitting Bull's Sioux in 1876 made him a martyr to many Americans. (American History). Mar 28, 2003 1072
Greek vs. Greek: From 431 to 404 B.C., Greece's two mightiest city-states battled each other for control of land and sea. In the end, both would lose. (World History Play). Dec 13, 2002 1339
The pressure's on! Peer pressure can affect every aspect of your life. Find out why 12- to 14-year-olds, especially, feel the heat. (USA). Nov 29, 2002 769
Daniel Boone blazes the way west: this backwoodsman became a symbol of America's pioneering spirit. (American History Play). Nov 15, 2002 1483
Iraq: a threat to world peace? You can use the maps, facts, and profiles in this issue to better understand the news. To learn how, read this article about Iraq. (News Special). Oct 18, 2002 659
Election preview: on November 5, U.S. voters will elect 36 governors, 34 Senators, and all 435 members of the House of Representatives. Will Republicans or Democrats be the big winners? (News Special). Oct 4, 2002 1235
Colonial heroines: meet four women who were ahead of their time. (American History). Sep 20, 2002 1381
Henry Hudson captain courageous? Explorer Henry Hudson dreamed that his name and deeds would be "carved on the tablets of the sea." Would he succeed? (American History Play). Sep 6, 2002 1601
Monster pets: should you be convicted of murder if your dog kills someone? A jury in California said yes, and sent a woman to prison. Was this the right decision? (USA). May 6, 2002 811
Friendship survival guide: young people's advice on how to make--and keep--friends. (Life Skills). Apr 22, 2002 1309
Global warming: What is global warming--and how can we slow it? (USA/Environment). Apr 8, 2002 1146
The Golden Mountain: At a time when U.S. law discriminated against the Chinese, one man built a bridge between two peoples. (American History Play). Play Mar 25, 2002 1635
Genghis Khan: He turned scattered tribes of nomads into conquering warriors. (World History). Brief Article Mar 11, 2002 945
The power of the presidency: How has the president's job changed since September 11? (USA). Jan 21, 2002 1035
If You Lived in Ancient Rome: What was it like to live in the capital city of the world's greatest empire? (World History). Statistical Data Included Dec 10, 2001 1222
Whale hunters: Men risked their lives for the chance of adventure. (American history). Nov 12, 2001 1237
Alexander the Great: He conquered half of the known world when he was barely out of his teens. (World history). Biography Nov 12, 2001 1327
Afghanistan: Why is one of the world's poorest countries defying the U.S.? (World). Oct 29, 2001 1345
The French and Indian WAR. Play Oct 1, 2001 1940
Smart MACHINES. Brief Article Sep 17, 2001 876
Secrets of the mummies: what can we learn about ancient Egypt from the mummies buried there? (World History). Sep 3, 2001 1133
Is Our Economy Entering a Recession? Brief Article May 7, 2001 773
The Rosenbergs: Spies for Russia? Apr 23, 2001 1622
Should You Buy Stocks? Brief Article Mar 26, 2001 509
Letters from America. Mar 12, 2001 1125
Building the Transcontinental RAILROAD. Feb 26, 2001 973
She kept her seat--and changed America. Play Feb 12, 2001 1799
Can President Bush Unite the NATION? Jan 22, 2001 1598
Top NEWS Stories of 2000. Jan 8, 2001 1200
The Hunley Rises Again. Brief Article Jan 8, 2001 466
Julius Caesar. Play Dec 11, 2000 1569
Global Warming. Nov 27, 2000 979
The Big Ditzh. Nov 27, 2000 1019
One of the Closest Elections in U.S. History! Nov 13, 2000 857
DEALING WITH A BULLY. Oct 30, 2000 1213
The Battle for Congress. Oct 2, 2000 796

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