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Hanni El Khatib.

HANNI EL KHATIB: describes Will the Guns Come Out--his new record available now on Innovative Leisure--as "Songs written for anyone who's ever been shot or hit by a train." I'm glad he said that, because I was really struggling with describing his music. And although I've had the good fortune of not fitting the bill, I quite like the songs all the same. --Aaron Meza

Which came first, the crooked grinds or the barre-chords?

I learned both at the same time and they were both equally very shifty.

What kind of extra security check do you get at the airport with that name of yours?

Anal cavity search with a bit of prejudice.

Do you own a gun?

No, but I should invest in some before the apocalypse happens.

Is there a due date on that apocalypse?

I'm hoping it comes soon so I can smoke a joint with the grim reaper.

Did you play in bands as a teenager?

I played in dumb noisy distortion bands when I was a kid. They all had terrible names. Then, when I was older, I toured with our buddy Marc Bianchi a little. Then I took a long break and started recording my solo thing.

What brought you to LA?

I moved about a year ago for HUE. I was the Creative Director when Keith and crew decided to move all operations down here. I hated the idea of it at first, but you can't beat this fuckin' weather. And ultimately the move has been largely responsible for what's been going on with my music.

How is doing music full time?

It's really fuckin' awesome. I'm stoked. Nothing beats it.

What do you miss about the Bay Area?

That's easy: Hills and burritos.

You've had Julien, TNT, Ozar, P-Rod, and Koston all skate to your music. Who would be the ultimate, skating to one of your songs?

I'm gonna have to go with Gonz and Gino Iannucci on this. That would be so sick.

Which musician is the best skater?

Tommy G.

And vice-versa?

Tommy G.

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