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Hannah's Collections. (New Books - For Students).

Hannah's Collections, Marthe Jocelyn, 2000. 24 pp., $14.99 cloth. ISBN 0-525-46442-5. Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers, 405 Murray Hill Pkwy, East Rutherford, NJ 07073.

Do you have a collection? Do you have many collections? Maybe eight? What would you do if you could show only one collection at school? Hannah faces this problem in the story. She uses mathematical connections and reasoning to communicate her solution, which is kept as a surprise until the very end of the book. The mathematical concepts include number sense, patterns, geometry, and computation. Hannah shows and tells about each of her collections on colorful pages so that the reader can feel her passion for the objects. A third grader, Erin, said that she liked the way Hannah related to nature and encouraged recycling. Another student described the objects as nonfiction, saying that anyone could collect them. "She showed math in pictures and didn't say this plus that," commented Bryce. Manal, a first-grade girl, said, "I like math. I like what Hannah made--it was a collection of collections."

The book was shared with several primary students and many teachers of all ages. It was unanimous that we all liked the book as an instructional resource that can be used over and over.--Mary F. Johnson, Ball State University, Muncie, IN 47306.

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Author:Johnson, Mary F.
Publication:Teaching Children Mathematics
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 1, 2002
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