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Hank's last turn at bat. (Here Below).

GROWING UP AS WE DID IN a city in which every neighborhood had a home-grown icon such as Lou Gehrig, Benny Leonard, Gertrude Ederle, Irving Jaffee, and Frankie Frisch, it was just a question of time until we inherited one of our own.

It happened in 1928 and it was big time: a lanky first basemen from James Monroe High School named Hank Greenberg. Watching him pop one baseball after another out of Crotona Park, you just knew he was going to make the big leagues, and it awed us.

But we knew it was going to be a tough love. How can you worship a tough guy who doesn't let people get close to him?

But that never stopped Hank Greenberg from becoming a fabled home-run slugger, a Hall of Famer, a husband of a society girl, a father of two good kids, and a stock market tycoon, before turning his life around by divorcing the society girl, moving to Beverly Hills, marrying a beautiful actress, and becoming a Hollywood luminary. Hank's religious life, his second marriage, and his tragic ending.

Before his last surgery, Hank sent his wife one of those sealed "Just in neither the emotional depth nor the ability to express himself as beautifully as evinced in the letter. That must have evolved from his second marriage and

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RELATED ARTICLE: My dear loved one. There is no way in which I could repay you for the love, devotion and affection you have showered on me during the past 25 years.

No man has been move fortunate in having a mate who has devoted herself to making her husband happy. I hope the future will reward you with peace of mind, contentment and someone you can share your love with, as you have so much of it to give.

Remember, I said, "shed no tear for me." I've had a wonderful life, filled with personal success and blessed with very good health. Plus, wonderful children who have never caused me a moment's concern. They have brought only joy and pride in their accomplishments.

Most importantly I shared the last 25 years with you, and that's more than any man is entitled to.

Most men never have the opportunity to express the above in writing. So, again I'm lucky.

If perchance I should get a reprieve. I'll try to make up for any anguish I have caused you in the past.

And so my love, we will meet again somewhere, sometime.

Your husband and sweetheart


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Title Annotation:remembering Hank Greenberg
Author:Masin, Herman L.
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Date:Aug 1, 2002
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