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Hanging gardens.


HAVING wisely given extra legal protection to save Dale Street's historically important, but longderelict Georgian shop row, surely "heritage champion" Cllr Berni Turner must take centre-stage to inaugurate a new autumnal Liverpool tradition, called "trimming the buddleia"? These showy purple-flowered plants now sprout abundantly from its prized period handmade brickwork.

Cllr Turner should mount a sturdy step-ladder (held appropriately by the council's buildings-at-risk officer, Chris Griffiths) and, wielding William Roscoe's crested secateurs, prune the buddleia to ensure it blooms brightly and gives enjoyment for years to come.

Forget reviving the Botanic Gardens, this is our own thriving Hanging Gardens of Babbypool.

FANCY that! "Domestic Goddess" and Chelsea FC supporter Nigella Lawson has revealed a northern love of the beautiful game when she explained her attitude to watching football. She reveals: "To make it interesting, you should also have a team near the bottom that you don't want to be relegated - Wigan - and a team that you do - Fulham."

PROMPTED by a comment from Mr Brocklebank, columnar correspondent Christoper Tigwell Esq, of Rainhill, writes: "I noted as I walked through Liverpool Lime Street station, someone marking yellow chalk squares on the old carriage road access to Platforms 7 and 8, each being labelled "fence post". Is this more security on the Virgin Trains' half, or the start of contractors working, as reported, on the new development between 7 and 8? If the station entirely ends up behind barriers, should Mr Brocklebank wish to wave off his excitable young nieces Cecily and Gwendolen on their journeys to the colonies, will he be able to obtain the long lost "Platform Ticket", once so prized by enthusiasts and families?"

Only time will tell, but don't hold your breath.

UNTIL recently, the Bluecoat Arts Centre garden was a cherished city centre oasis, aromatically reeking of a bygone world of stillness and the ultimate escape from this jaded modern life. Now the gardens are wifi-friendly for those unable to part with their laptops and Blackberries for more than a few seconds. Should we not call upon the UN peace-keeping force to restore some tranquillity?

A POIGNANT sign of the times still stands proud in Tithebarn Street promoting the Golf Bar, as "Liverpool's best-kept secret".

Alas, it proved too true and not enough customers discovered its delights to save it from closure.

RELIGIOUS apologists in the Hope Street area have already coined a nickname for the laser beam that pierces the atmosphere between Liverpool Cathedral and the Metropolitan Cathedral: "God's washing line".

Time will tell, but don't hold your breath
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 30, 2008
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