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Hang-gliding meet in Telluride, Colorado, September 10 through 16.

The needle peaks of the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado may seem like a hostile place for launching a motorless aircraft. But the fast-rising thermals generated in Telluride's bowl-shaped valley offer plenty of lift, and the sculpted peaks provide a stunning backdrop for the action of the 11th annual Telluride Hanggliding Festival.

This year's event will bring together 150 of the world's most skilled hang-gliding pilots in contests such as farthest flight, longest time aloft, and best precision turns, loops, and landings.

Meet time each day depends on wind and weather conditions, but most events will take place in the morning. For schedule information, call (303) 728-3614.

Pilots will launch from the top of 12,250-foot Gold Hill (on the ski hill) and land near Town Park at the end of Colorado Avenue. The park at the end of Colorado Avenue. The park is a good watching spot with lots of parking. Bring a warm jacket.

From Montrose, take U.S. 550 south for 26 miles to State 62. Head southwest 25 miles to State 145, then southeast 17 miles to Telluride. Hillsides may be tinged with color as early as midmonth.
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Date:Sep 1, 1984
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