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Handy Hints.

CLEANING CURTAINS When spring cleaning your house, don't forget your curtains. Vacuum your curtains on a gentle suction setting or use an upholstery fitting. If left collecting dust, your curtains may need dry cleaning to get them back to their original condition HANDY PLUG If you have lost a sink plug, you can use a lump of Blu-Tac as a seal until you buy a new one, so there's no need to go without a bath!

BRIGHT WHITES Brighten up any discoloured white linens by simmering them in boiling water with a slice of lemon with the rind left on for about half an hour. Allow to cool before washing on a regular cycle.

WOOD JOINTS Strengthen wood joints when gluing them together by sprinkling a few strands of steel wool on the adhesive surface before sticking.

PAINT ON GLASS When decorating, protect your windows and mirrors from stray paint flecks by rubbing a thin layer of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) over them. The paint won't stick to the glass and when you're finished simply wipe it clean.

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Date:May 3, 2010
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