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Dancing your way to proper handwashing. Oct 25, 2021 1093
Habit of 'handwashing' amongst children would build a healthy generation. Oct 21, 2021 857
84% Nigerians Lack Access To Basic Handwashing Facilities At Home -UNICEF. Oct 20, 2021 291
P and G Partners Environment, Education Ministries To Celebrate Global Handwashing Day, Donates 5,000 Soaps To Unity Schools. Oct 19, 2021 284
Shuaib Celebrates Global Hand Washing Day With Students. Oct 19, 2021 305
Dettol, FG Reiterate Importance Of Hygiene At 2021 Global Handwashing Day Event. Oct 19, 2021 401
Hands up if your mitts need some TLC after year of Covid precautions; After a year-and-a-half of handwashing and sanitiser gels, Anna Burnside talks to hand experts at Arran Sense of Scotland, who offer advice on how we can be kinder to them with winter fast-approaching. Anna Burnside Oct 18, 2021 472
Dettol collaborates with The Citizens Foundation for Global Handwashing Day. Oct 18, 2021 415
More than 200,000 students across Bhutan participate in mass handwashing event. Oct 16, 2021 739
PIMA organizes training to mark Global Handwashing day. Oct 16, 2021 165
WSSP observes Global Handwashing Day. Oct 16, 2021 349
GIZ, UNICEF and Water Aid collaborate to celebrate Global hand washing day. Oct 16, 2021 162
Imbibe Culture Of Handwashing To Prevent Pandemics - Durosinmi-Etti. Oct 15, 2021 305
Only 16% Nigerians Have Access To Basic Handwashing Facilities At Home, UNICEF Warns. Oct 15, 2021 550
Why culture of handwashing in schools, communities is a must amid COVID-19 pandemic. Oct 15, 2021 396
PH Red Cross reiterates importance of proper handwashing to protect kids from diseases. Oct 15, 2021 358
How to effectively encourage proper handwashing behavior among children. Oct 15, 2021 509
'Global Handwashing Day': Shofco donates 60 stations to NMS. Oct 15, 2021 464
World Vision celebrates Global Handwashing Day. Oct 15, 2021 521
PIMA conducting awareness programs in Madaris on 'Hand Washing Day'. Oct 14, 2021 196
Global Hand Washing Day on Oct 15. Oct 14, 2021 206
Global Hand washing Day to be observed on Friday. Oct 14, 2021 191
PIMA conducting awareness programs in Madaris on 'Hand Washing Day'. Oct 14, 2021 196
Global Hand Washing Day on Oct 15. Oct 14, 2021 206
Deputy Minister Reginah Mhaule hands over a new handwashing station at Chayaza Secondary School in Bushbuckridge, 12 Oct. Oct 11, 2021 174
PRCS provides sanitizer machines and handwashing stations to ITP. Aug 28, 2021 179
Turkana catches up on touch-free handwashing following Covid fears. Jun 28, 2021 1337
COVID-19 Support: JICA and EWTI Donate Contactless Handwashing Stations. Jun 23, 2021 229
Handwashing: Gateway to healthy living. May 6, 2021 889
SRSO constructs 106 handwashing stations to combat COVID-19. Apr 27, 2021 455
SRSO constructs 106 handwashing stations to combat COVID-19. Apr 27, 2021 454
SRSO builds 106 Handwashing Stations to combat Covid-19. Apr 27, 2021 317
Simple smell test can tell if someone could give you Covid; A consultant virologist says this is more reliable at keeping you safe than hand washing. By, Neil Shaw Apr 15, 2021 323
FG To Engage 77,400 Youths As Volunteers In Hand Washing, Clean Nigeria Campaign. Mar 9, 2021 612
Japan to support running track development and hand washing station construction in Cambodia. Mar 6, 2021 404
Self-care measures help keep flu season under control. Feb 1, 2021 1096
Knowledge and practices regarding hand-washing among mothers of children less than five years of age in rural areas of District Sialkot. Almas, Sonia; Kawish, Ayesha Babar; Butt, Tahir Mehmood; Akber, Subhana Report Jan 31, 2021 3068
Perspective of health professionals on hand hygiene in a tertiary care center in Pakistan. Bari, Attia; Imran, Izza; Nawaz, Nasir Ali; Kamran, Rizwana; Bano, Iqbal; Sadaqat, Nadia Report Jan 19, 2021 3244
Over 167 Million Nigerians Lack Access To Hand Washing Facilities- 2019 WASHNORM Report. Jan 19, 2021 463
Sindh Community Foundation sets up a hand washing station at Hyderabad's Resham Gali. Younis Chandio Dec 25, 2020 213
New handwashing facility in San Juan's Agora Market unveiled. Dec 18, 2020 211
18% of health facilities in Kenya lack handwashing points - report. Dec 16, 2020 475
Awareness of Hand Hygiene in Hospital Set-up for Infection Control: Knowledge-based Questionnaire for Health Care Workers in a Teaching Hospital. Subbalakshmi, E.; Abirami, P.; Subramanian, Vidhya; A, Sumitha; Victor, H.Kalavathy Report Dec 1, 2020 3764
Groups donate hand washing stations, others to schools. Nov 26, 2020 498
Water Aid Nigeria donates over 100 hand washing stations to ENSUBEB. Nov 24, 2020 237
Going beyond providing water access to Communities. Nov 21, 2020 1031
COVID-19: Group Donates Handwashing Facilities To Enugu State Govt. Nov 21, 2020 548
Groups donates hand washing stations, others to schools. Nov 18, 2020 503
Lather Up for Long-Term Hand Hygiene for All: For Global Handwashing Day, October 15, several Henkel campaigns were aimed at improving compliance for everyone, but especially students. Spinatsch, Martina Nov 1, 2020 908
Israel gifts handwashing facility to Makati High School. Oct 24, 2020 261
Correct handwashing was not observed in hospital inspection. Oct 21, 2020 365
Israel aid agency donates handwashing facility to Makati High School. Oct 21, 2020 173
Safe handwashing must become a habit that starts at home. Oct 20, 2020 583
Extra toothbrushing could help protect against coronavirus, dentist claims; Professor Martin Addy, a dentistry professor at the University of Bristol, has called for toothbrushing to be promoted alongside hand washing. By, Shivali Best Oct 19, 2020 289
Global handwashing ...A Life Saver. Oct 18, 2020 1034
Schools record 77% increase in handwashing facilities during COVID-19 pandemic. Oct 17, 2020 1126
Regular hand washing can reduce diseases: Sujon. Oct 17, 2020 186
World Hand washing day observed in Sukkur. Oct 17, 2020 192
Children in Turkmenistan take part in interactive sessions to mark the Global Handwashing Day. Oct 16, 2020 489
Hand washing, simplest way to prevent virus spread. Oct 16, 2020 510
USAID, Coca-Cola install handwashing facilities in C. de Oro, Tagbilaran. Oct 16, 2020 251
Global Handwashing Day: ' Handwashing saves life' says Dr Linda Ayade. Oct 16, 2020 472
UNICEF Stresses Importance Of Handwashing To Prevent COVID-19. Oct 16, 2020 298
Global Handwashing Day: Why Scotland must take an internationalist approach to providing people with clean water - Shirley Campbell; This year more than any other has highlighted the importance of good hand hygiene. Washing your hands regularly with clean water and soap for at least 20 seconds is one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of Covid-19. Shirley Campbell Oct 15, 2020 1163
Why you should make handwashing a habit. Oct 15, 2020 525
WATCH: British envoy celebrates Global Handwashing Day with a video. Oct 15, 2020 364
'H' is for Handwashing: Make hand hygiene a habit even after Covid-19. Oct 15, 2020 781
International Handwashing Day: FG donates hand washing facilities to unity schools. Oct 15, 2020 599
UoP to celebrate World Hand Washing Day. Oct 15, 2020 155
Make handwashing a habit at homes -- DepEd. Oct 15, 2020 562
'Handwashing with soap remains out of reach for millions of children'. Oct 15, 2020 283
Nigerian nurses set to take handwashing campaign to schools. Oct 14, 2020 530
Lifebuoy launches 'H for Handwashing' campaign for children. Oct 13, 2020 448
#HandHygieneForAll: 5 things you need to know about handwashing. Oct 11, 2020 604
Schoolchildren 'banned from singing Happy Birthday in class' over coronavirus fears; The bizarre new approach comes just months after PM Boris Johnson told the UK to sing Happy Birthday twice during hand washing. By, Laura Sharman Oct 10, 2020 687
Safeguard calls out rapper over song about bad handwashing. Oct 9, 2020 452
NSE donates automated solar power hand washing machines to Osun govt. Oct 7, 2020 296
50% of Pinoys don't know safe handwashing 2020 Handwashing Habits Survey. Sep 30, 2020 769
Handwashing survey uncovers disturbing lack of knowledge about safe washing of hands. Sep 28, 2020 525
US donates 5,000 hygiene kits, 16 handwashing stations to Manila to fight COVID. Sep 17, 2020 320
Dettol, Traders, partner to roll-out hand washing facilities in Accra markets. Sep 8, 2020 330
Thousands of Pakistan's urban slums residents flock to UN-Habitat's hand washing stations. Sep 7, 2020 370
Thousands of Pakistan's urban slums residents flock to UN-Habitat's hand washing stations. Sep 7, 2020 370
Thousands of Pakistan's urban slums residents flock to UN-Habitat's hand washing stations. Sep 7, 2020 320
Thousands of Pakistan's urban slums residents flock to UN-Habitat's handwashing stations. Sep 2, 2020 316
Comment on "Global Access to Handwashing: Implications for COVID-19 Control in Low-Income Countries". Freeman, Matthew C.; Caruso, Bethany A. Sep 1, 2020 1141
Response to "Comment on 'Global Access to Handwashing: Implications for COVID-19 Control in Low-Income Countries'". Brauer, Michael; Zhao, Jeff T.; Bennitt, Fiona B.; Stanaway, Jeffrey D. Sep 1, 2020 344
#SafeHands: Proper handwashing still crucial to slow COVID-19 spread in the new normal. Aug 24, 2020 422
COVID-19: BEDC donates hand washing machine to Deji of Akure's Palace. Aug 18, 2020 423
Over 40% of schools lacked basic handwashing facilities in 2019: WHO. Times News Service Aug 14, 2020 583
Joint report by WHO and UNICEF on lack of hand washing facility in schools for reopening amid COVID-19 pandemic. Aug 13, 2020 244
COVID 19: BEDC distributes 100 hand washing machines to govt agencies. Aug 11, 2020 253
Support needed over regular hand washing. Aug 11, 2020 170
COVID-19: Ogun Unveils Solar Powered Hand Washing Machine. Aug 7, 2020 544
Pledge over handwashing at academy. Aug 4, 2020 216
SM Foundation highlights importance of handwashing facilities. Jul 31, 2020 493
UNICEF donates WASH kits, hand washing facilities to Benue IDPs. Jul 28, 2020 734
Operation Blessing Donates Hand Washing Facility To Nigerian Red Cross. Jul 23, 2020 340
#SafeHands: Proper handwashing still crucial to slow COVID-19 spread in the new normal. Jul 20, 2020 422
ASUU donates automated hand washing, sanitizer dispenser to EBSU. Jul 13, 2020 230
Panahgahs gets 40 hand washing booths to keep coronavirus at bay. Jul 13, 2020 412
COVID-19: Group donates handwashing facilities to Benue, Cross River. Jul 12, 2020 699
COVID-19: Hand washing cheapest way of fighting diseases - C' Rivers Health Commissioner. Jul 9, 2020 429
LIXIL launches novel handwashing station SATO Tap. Jul 9, 2020 912
SM Cares, Safeguard promote proper handwashing. Jun 29, 2020 379
COVID-19: Corps Member Fabricates, Donates Automated Hand Washing Machine To Katsina Orientation Camp. Jun 29, 2020 265
SM Cares, Safeguard promote proper handwashing for #SafeHandsAtSM. Jun 24, 2020 511
COVID-19 Response: LASU Produces Automated Solar-Powered Hand Washing Machine. Jun 16, 2020 836
IClean designs hand washing programme. Jun 9, 2020 586
9-year-old boy builds hand washing machine, wins presidential award. Jun 8, 2020 340
The making of an award winning hand washing project. Jun 4, 2020 1723
Volunteers design easy-to-build, portable handwashing stations. Jun 3, 2020 479
9-year-old boy gets state commendation for his hand washing machine VIDEO. Jun 2, 2020 425
Lack of Handwashing Access: A Widespread Deficiency in the Age of COVID-19. Schmidt, Charles W. Jun 1, 2020 1289
Hand Washing Movement. May 31, 2020 200
COVID-19: What have we learnt, and plan for the future. Pankajakshan Aswin; Prasannan, Athira; Chaudhary, Sandeep Report May 31, 2020 2961
Personal prophylaxis against COVID-19: A compilation of evidence-based Recommendations. Verma, Madhur; Aydin, Hasan Report May 31, 2020 4058
School stipend to fund budget for hand washing amenities. May 23, 2020 547
Hand Washing Movement. May 21, 2020 199
Study backs the benefits of regular handwashing. May 20, 2020 361
Handwashing six to 10 times a day linked to lower risk of infection. May 20, 2020 307
Coronavirus: Washing your hands 6 times a day 'reduces risk of COVID-19 by a third'; Regular handwashing can reduce personal risk of getting an infection, a study by researchers from University College London indicates. By, Nina Massey & Shivali Best May 20, 2020 429
COVID-19: Fayemi Hails NGO For Donation Of Motorised Handwashing Machines. May 19, 2020 632
Access to Functional Handwashing Facilities and Associated Factors among South Sudanese Refugees in Rhino Camp Settlement, Northwestern Uganda. Namara, Frank; Mendoza, Hilbert; Tumukunde, Gloria; Wafula, Solomon Tsebeni Apr 30, 2020 4429
Kibera, Mathare get more handwashing stations. Apr 20, 2020 455
Coronavirus: Avoid fabric face masks, handwashing crucial. Evie Andreou Apr 13, 2020 672
Handwashing dilemma in water scarce regions. Apr 7, 2020 648
Vendors employ bouncers to enforce handwashing. Apr 6, 2020 264
COVID-19: Air Force Installs Modern Handwashing Facilities At Bauchi Govt House. Apr 4, 2020 433
Aboitiz Foundation installs handwashing sinks in Cebu, leads donation drive in Manila. Apr 2, 2020 611
Hand washing and sanitizer and COVID-19 infection risk. Wesley, Naissan O.; Talakoub, Lily Apr 1, 2020 1343
LNRCS, NDMA scale - up efforts to keep hand washing constant. Mar 27, 2020 355
'Handwashing, social distancing best ways to prevent Covid-19 infection'. Mar 23, 2020 654
Google Doodle honours Ignaz Semmelweis who first discovered power of handwashing. Mar 23, 2020 180
LG deptt to establish hand washing points at different points. Mar 21, 2020 165
LG deptt to establish hand washing points at different points. Mar 21, 2020 165
Safe hand washing facility at five important public places. Mar 20, 2020 412
Video: Kerala cops' 'handwashing dance' video to keep novel coronavirus at bay, goes viral in India. Evangeline Elsa, Community Solutions Editor Mar 18, 2020 401
Don't splash and dash when it comes to hand washing. submitted by u of I extension Mar 18, 2020 454
La Union town to hold simultaneous handwashing vs COVID-19. Mar 15, 2020 269
Coronavirus: Bauchi Schools Provide Handwashing Equipment. Mar 13, 2020 401
COVID-19: Bauchi Directs Schools To Create Handwashing Points. Mar 13, 2020 298
Handwashing not a problem as NCR gets more water. Mar 12, 2020 489
Coronavirus: Nigerians At Risk As 150m Lack Access To Handwashing Facilities a WaterAid. Mar 11, 2020 306
Coronavirus: Women more vigilant than men with hand washing amid outbreak, survey shows; A new survey has revealed that women are being more vigilant than men with regular hand washing amid the worldwide coronavirus outbreak. By, Shivali Best Mar 5, 2020 276
Why hand washing really could slow down an epidemic. Feb 14, 2020 490
Intelligent dispenser can track handwashing habits. Angel Tesorero, Staff Reporter Jan 28, 2020 352
FG To Intensify Handwashing Culture In Public Places To Halt Lassa Fever. Jan 28, 2020 846
Winners of Essay Contest on Hand Washing receive prizes. Jan 18, 2020 271
An Institution-Based Assessment of Students' Hand Washing Behavior. Teumta, Grace M. Mbouthieu; Niba, Loveline L.; Ncheuveu, Nkwatoh Therese; Ghumbemsitia, Mary-Teresia Jan 1, 2020 5351
Swiss firm launches automated hand washing systems. Nov 19, 2019 131
Theft plagues school toilets, handwashing facilities. Nov 13, 2019 1527
PCRWR to organize essay writing contest on `Hand Washing by All'. Oct 21, 2019 188
TRDP observes Global Hand Washing Day in Johi. Roshan Memon Oct 18, 2019 281
PCRWR to organized essay writing contest on `Hand Washing by All'. Oct 17, 2019 188
Can seminars in grand hotels induce the habit of hand washing? Oct 17, 2019 792
Defeating Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo motivates a community to confront other diseases with handwashing. Oct 16, 2019 573
Ohangwena Region commemorates Global Handwashing Day. Oct 15, 2019 585
Making universal handwashing a way of life. Oct 15, 2019 760
Handwashing habit to reduce significant hospital visits: Speakers. Oct 15, 2019 386
'Best handwashing practices can help reduce several diseases'. Kalbe Ali Oct 15, 2019 535
Handwashing habit to reduce significant hospital visits: Speakers. Oct 15, 2019 449
Better handwashing practices can cut disease burden. Oct 15, 2019 513
Handwashing Day: Anambra Govt Emphasize Use Of Soap, Ash For Healthy Living. Oct 15, 2019 387
Handwashing: LAPO Donates Items To 2 Schools In Lagos. Oct 15, 2019 451
HMC highlights crucial role of handwashing in children's health. Sep 5, 2019 365
The Common Missed Handwashing Instances and Areas after 15 Years of Hand-Hygiene Education. Wong, J.S.W.; Lee, J.K.F. Aug 31, 2019 5257
Desist From Using Ordinary Water For Handwashing After Defecation a UNICEF. Jun 26, 2019 441
Disease Prevention: UNICEF Tasks Nigerians On Hand Washing. Apr 4, 2019 355
Does a Water Flow Timer Improve Food Handler Hand Washing Practices in Food Service Establishments? The Effects of Passive and Indirect Interventions. Her, EunSol; Behnke, Carl; Almanza, Barbara Cover story Mar 29, 2019 4295
Hilton to recycle one million bars of soap by Global Handwashing Day. Mar 26, 2019 355
A study of self-reported handwashing practices of caregivers in relation to acute respiratory infections and gastroenteritis in infants in a peri-urban community in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa. Nsele, N.M.; McKerrow, N.H. Report Mar 1, 2019 3999
How does school based hand-washing promotion program affect the handwashing behavior of students at the urban slums in Puducherry, South India? Mixed method design. Amudha, Kumar; Thulasingam, Mahalakshmy; Thomas, Bitty; Nag, Bharath; Rajarethinam, Kanagarethinam; Report Nov 1, 2018 3192
Handwashing practice vital to prevent many diseases. Oct 23, 2018 340
TRDP observes Global Hand Washing Day in Dadu. Oct 16, 2018 557
Medical expert advises Nigerians on hand washing to prevent 'Apollo'. Sep 5, 2018 243
Elizabethkingia anophelis and Association with Tap Water and Handwashing, Singapore. Yung, Chee-Fu; Maiwald, Matthias; Loo, Liat H.; Soong, Han Y.; Tan, Chin B.; Lim, Phaik K.; Li, Ling Report Sep 1, 2018 2136
Half the world's schools lack clean water, toilets and handwashing. Aug 27, 2018 501
Improper Handwashing Spreads Bacteria. Aug 1, 2018 289
Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli levels on the hands of theatre staff in three hospitals in Johannesburg, South Africa, before and after handwashing. Matuka, D.O.; Binta, B.; Carman, H.A.; Singh, T. Report Jun 1, 2018 3029
all-in-1 handwashing station. Jun 1, 2018 107
MoPH aims to raise awareness on handwashing. May 4, 2018 365
Knowledge and Practices of Hand Washing among Health Professionals in Dubti Referral Hospital, Dubti, Afar, Northeast Ethiopia. Jemal, Suoud Report Jan 1, 2018 3859
Assessment of Trained Hand Hygiene Observers Using Parallel Observations. Garcell, Humberto Guanche; Arias, Ariadna Villanueva; Garces, Isme Borroto; Gil, Alexis Cardoso; Com Jan 1, 2018 1838
Hibiclens dispels misconceptions about hand washing. Oct 23, 2017 445
SIUT hosts sessions for patients and attendants to mark Global Hand washing Day. Oct 19, 2017 239
SIUT hosts sessions for patients, attendants to mark Global Hand Washing Day. Oct 19, 2017 247
SIUT holds special sessions for patients and attendants to mark Global Hand washing Day. Oct 18, 2017 236
Global Handwashing Day--October 15, 2017. Oct 13, 2017 338
Handwashing in hospitals prevents infection. Mar 8, 2017 522
A call for nurses to speak up for clean hands. Glogovsky, Danielle Report Mar 1, 2017 652
Compliance of surgical hand washing before surgery: Role of remote video surveillance. Report Jan 31, 2017 3705
Handwashing practices among the caregivers of under five children in rural and urban areas of Moradabad, India: a community based study. Khan, Samreen; Kumar, Vishwanath; Priya, Neha; Yadav, Sachin Singh Report Jan 1, 2017 3743
Hand Hygiene Practices and Microbial Investigation of Hand Contact Swab among Physiotherapists in an Ebola Endemic Region: Implications for Public Health. Ibeneme, S.; Maduako, V.; Ibeneme, G.C.; Ezuma, A.; Ettu, T.U.; Onyemelukwe, N.F.; Limaye, D.; Fortw Report Jan 1, 2017 9582
Impact of an Intensive Perinatal Handwashing Promotion Intervention on Maternal Handwashing Behavior in the Neonatal Period: Findings from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Rural Bangladesh. Ram, Pavani Kalluri; Nasreen, Sharifa; Kamm, Kelly; Allen, Jelena; Kumar, Swapna; Rahman, Mohammad A Report Jan 1, 2017 6971
Lifebuoy celebrates Global Handwashing Day. Oct 25, 2016 292
Spread of infections can be reduced by hand washing: Dr. Salma Shaikh. Oct 16, 2016 357
Global hand washing day observed. Oct 15, 2016 211
Global Handwashing Day--October 15, 2016. Oct 14, 2016 341
Factors influencing hand hygiene compliance among nurses: an integrative review. Winship, Sarah; McClunie-Trust, Patricia Sep 1, 2016 6729
Improving hand hygiene compliance among healthcare workers: an intervention study in a Hospital in Guizhou Province, China. Mu, Xia; Xu, Yan; Yang, Tingxiu; Zhang, Ji; Wang, Chong; Liu, Wei; Chen, Jing; Tang, Luyu; Yang, Hua Report Sep 1, 2016 3655
Clean hands count. Aug 1, 2016 106
Brief report on hand-hygiene monitoring systems: a pilot study of a computer-assisted image analysis technique. Deochand, Neil; Deochand, Michelle E. Report Jun 1, 2016 3719
Knowledge, attitude and practices of hand hygiene among MBBS students and nursing personnel. Sarmah, Pooja; Hemavathi; Rajashekar, Sharvani; Shenoy, Poornima Report May 5, 2016 3360
Clean hands 'first defense against illness'. Feb 15, 2016 358
Impact of sensitization about hand washing on second MBBS medical students. Ingole, K.V.; Deshmukh, Durgesh; Watmore, Sonika Report Jan 11, 2016 1777
Healthy hands for dental professionals: preventing infection while protecting your skin. Canham, Leslie Jan 1, 2016 1916
The first step in infection control is hand hygiene: clean hands are more than a matter of soap and water. Canham, Leslie Statistical data Jan 1, 2016 2723
A wearable soap that helps limit the spread of infectious viruses by encouraging handwashing is sharing top honors as a winner of the Wearables for Good challenge run by UNICEF and tech/design firms ARM and Frog. Dec 1, 2015 168
Mobilink and PIP join hands to marked Global Handwashing Day. Nov 30, 2015 450
NICE guidelines advise hand washing lessons. Brief article Nov 1, 2015 101
S. Sudan marks Global Handwashing Day with calls for cholera fight. Oct 16, 2015 452
Proper hand washing essential to cut high child death rate -- UNICEF. Oct 15, 2015 295
Global Handwashing Day--October 15, 2015. Oct 9, 2015 322
Physicians knowledge about hand hygiene at King Fahad Hospital of University, Dammam, KSA. Alamer, Naheel; Zabeeri, Najwa; Aburuz, Mohannad; Qarneh, Hamzeh Report Sep 1, 2015 3054
Hand washing is the best option to prevent infections Physician's resistance to control infection is a very challenging task - Dr. Rashid Nasim Khan. Aug 15, 2015 497
Internet Program Encourages Handwashing. Aug 9, 2015 523
Association of diarrhoea with practices of hand washing and excreta disposal in children. Sahay, Avinash Kr.; Kumar, Abhay; Meena, Samiksha Anil Kumar; Krishna, Amrit; Shahnawaz, Kashif Report Apr 27, 2015 2341
Hand-washing is my culture. Apr 1, 2015 516
Healthy hands for dental professionals. Canham, Leslie Mar 1, 2015 1905
Developing students' hand hygiene behaviors in a primary school from Turkey: A school-based health education study. Cevizci, Sibel; Uludag, Aysegul; Topaloglu, Naci; Babaoglu, Ulken Tunga; Celik, Merve; Bakar, Coskun Report Feb 1, 2015 5384
Healthy hands for dental professionals: preventing infection while protecting your skin. Canham, Leslie Jan 1, 2015 1916
Hand washing among Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip: attitudes and practices. Khatib, Issam A. Al-; Abusara, Lara W.; Massoud, May A. Jan 1, 2015 3788
The wash approach: fighting waterborne diseases in emergency situations. Nicole, Wendee Report Jan 1, 2015 5017
"Holiday season is cold season.". Brief article Dec 1, 2014 113
10,000 children participate in the Global Hand Washing Day. Nov 27, 2014 498
Unilever leads Global Handwashing Day. Nov 3, 2014 643
RB celebrates Global Handwashing Day. Nov 1, 2014 106
Unilever leads Global Handwashing Day. Oct 31, 2014 492
Global hand washing day celebrated. Oct 17, 2014 278
Dettol celebrates Global Handwashing Day. Oct 15, 2014 361
Global Handwashing Day-October 15, 2014. Oct 10, 2014 298
Bacterial contamination of the hands of food handlers as indicator of hand washing efficacy in some convenient food industries. Report Aug 31, 2014 6037
Do flashing red lights help improve hand hygiene compliance at the front entrance of a large hospital? D'Egidio, Gianni Jul 1, 2014 579
Survey shows nurses' hand hygiene improving. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 246
Awareness of hand washing among house-surgeons of government general hospital, Vijayawada. Madhavi, P.; Prakash, K. Kiran Report Apr 7, 2014 1996
Novel application for monitoring compliance with hand hygiene and isolation attire at a university hospital. Ghonim, Elham; Benghuzzi, Hamed Report Apr 1, 2014 2986
Nurses on guard: patient safety through hand hygiene. Benbow, Denise Apr 1, 2014 829
Karachi chefs, cooks casual in hand washing: FUUAST survey. Brief article Feb 23, 2014 127
FAUUST research focuses on hand washing need. Brief article Feb 9, 2014 223
Promotion of hand hygiene strengthening initiative in a Nigerian teaching hospital: implication for improved patient safety in low-income health facilities. Uneke, Chigozie Jesse; Ndukwe, Chinwendu Daniel; Oyibo, Patrick Gold; Nwakpu, Kingsley Onuoha; Nnabu Report Jan 1, 2014 4979
Campden BRI supports 'Global Hand Washing Day'. Dec 1, 2013 273
The effectiveness of sign prompts to increase hand washing behaviors in restrooms. Davis, Ora L.; Fante, Rhiannon M.; Jacobi, Lora L. Report Dec 1, 2013 4939
UV light helps children see how germs spread. Dec 1, 2013 392
Mobilink Foundation Organizes Global Handwashing Day 2013. Nov 30, 2013 482
Handwashing and gastroenteritis. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 143
Lather up for Global Handwashing Day. Oct 15, 2013 341
Hand washing can save lives of over 100,000 children. Oct 15, 2013 431
Expert terms hand washing a cheapest vaccine to prevent infections. Oct 13, 2013 334
Practicing good hand hygiene during health care reduces the risk of infections and spread of antimicrobial resistance. Sep 14, 2013 762
Flu spreads via airborne particles: hand washing goes only so far in retarding transmission. Saey, Tina Hesman Jun 29, 2013 367
MOH celebrates the Global Hand Washing Day. May 7, 2013 374
Six steps to good hand washing. May 6, 2013 286
The importance of good handwashing. Brief article May 1, 2013 164
Hand washing practices in a college town environment. Borchgrevink, Carl P.; Cha, JaeMin; Kim, SeungHyun Report Apr 1, 2013 4937
Mobilink, UNICEF join hands for Global Handwashing Day 2012. Nov 15, 2012 264
Improving safety in health care: of the three infection prevention and control programmes being led by the Health Quality & Safety Commission, hand hygiene remains fundamental. Jowitt, Deborah Nov 1, 2012 1005
Improving hand hygiene rates. Jowitt, Deborah Nov 1, 2012 377
Jonglei marks International Global Hand Washing Day. Oct 17, 2012 390
Global Hand Washing Day on Monday. Oct 14, 2012 365
Global Handwashing Day--October 15, 2012. Oct 12, 2012 295
Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Pattern of Hand Washing in Some Major Public Sector Hospitals of Pakistan (A Multi-Center Study). Report Sep 30, 2012 4759
Outbreak of extended-spectrum [beta]-lactamase-producing Klebsiella oxytoca infections associated with contaminated handwashing sinks. Lowe, Christopher; Willey, Barbara; O'Shaughnessy, Anna; Lee, Wayne; Lum, Ming; Pike, Karen; Larocqu Aug 1, 2012 4160
Spreading the message. Brief article Jul 1, 2012 130
Hand hygiene cuts blood-borne infections in Auckland hospitals. Jul 1, 2012 476
Hand washing drive launched. May 4, 2012 247
Med students flunk hand washing. Anderson, Jane Brief article Jan 1, 2012 131
Bacteria, bacteria everywhere. Seppa, Nathan Brief article Nov 19, 2011 113
Healthcare providers must not overlook importance of handwashing. Oct 30, 2011 196
Nurses tops on hand hygiene. Brief article Sep 1, 2011 257
Clean hands save lives. Brief article Jun 1, 2011 190
A pair of clean hands can save lives. Brief article May 4, 2011 186
Philadelphia hospital staff urged to just 'wash 'em'. Krisberg, Kim Brief article Apr 1, 2011 186
Which is better: towel- or blow-dried? Brief article Feb 1, 2011 206
Get Ready campaign offers free hand-washing timers, new materials. Late, Michele Feb 1, 2011 342
PZ Cussons donates to Ghana hand washing program. Feb 1, 2011 101
The first step in infection control is hand hygiene: clean hands are more than a matter of soap and water. Canham, Leslie Column Jan 1, 2011 2719
Best practices in: determining efficacy of antibacterial hand wash products: scientifically sound model links benefits of antibacterial hand wash to reduction of disease. Jan 1, 2011 1247
A simple hand washing campaign. Nov 1, 2010 390
'Washroom' in name only? Brief article Oct 25, 2010 153
SIUT holds interactive session to celebrate Global Handwashing Day. Oct 15, 2010 392
Making Clean Hands a Priority for More than Just a Day, Global Handwashing Day Partners Lather Up with Millions Around the World. Oct 14, 2010 631
Environment Ministry to launch hand washing survey on Friday. Oct 13, 2010 211
Evaluating the utility of commercial videotapes for teaching hand washing to children with autism. Rosenberg, Nancy E.; Schwartz, Ilene S.; Davis, Carol A. Report Aug 1, 2010 4350
After the loo? Brief article Jun 22, 2010 201
Halt the hazards of hand hygiene. Eisenberg, Seth Jun 1, 2010 327
Hand washing and surgical hand antisepsis. Pirie, Susan Report May 1, 2010 2006
Hand hygiene knowledge of college students. Taylor, J. Kyle; Basco, Roselyne; Zaied, Aya; Ward, Chelsea Survey Mar 22, 2010 3332
Measuring hand hygiene adherence: free educational monograph. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 108
Take the guesswork out of hand washing. Mar 1, 2010 327

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