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Hands on: handprint projects for children are hands-on fun.

I have always loved working with children, and I have great memories of working on many art projects with my daughter or with other children. One year the children in my class created a tall Christmas tree for our classroom door with 26 little curling, fingered upside-down green handprints and placed ornament balls with their faces on the tree. The children loved making it and admiring it every time they entered the room. I also remember the pictures that the sweet little photographer who lived next door to me in my first home took of each of his children holding up chubby fingers of their age on their birthdays up to age 10. They were priceless memories of special times that could only be captured at one time each year. Hands stay little such a short period of time, but they remain in a mother's heart forever.

Children will love creating these hands-on projects for mothers and grandmothers for Mother's Day. They can be totally involved in the process, and the recipient will have a lovely representation of tiny, loving hands and many precious memories of shared hands on time.



To make this precious bouquet you will need:

Vase with a narrow neck

Poster board

Scrapbook paper of several colors and patterns

Metal tag maker rims

Photos of children

Floral stem wire (at least 20-gage weight)

Green ribbon (2-3 yards)

Green floral tape

White glue, scissors, pens, gold markers, stapler

Help children trace their hand onto the poster board, and then cut it out for a pattern. Glue two like sheets of scrapbook paper together with white glue and press it between books to dry flat. For each flower, use the handprint pattern, and cut 5 handprints from each double sheet of paper. Slightly curl the fingers around a pencil. Staple 5 hand prints together in the center of the palms with the curling fingers forming the petals of the flower. Paint the metal tag rim gold with the gold marking pen. Cut a photo to fit the rim exactly and glue it inside the gold rim. Glue the round framed picture onto the center of the handprint flower over the staple. Cover the stem wire with green floral tape and then ribbon and glue into handprint flower between the 5 stacked palms. Make leaves by tying ribbon around the stem and cutting the ends on a slant. For a flower bud, curl one handprint around a piece of wire and glue and staple it into place. Wrap the stem with floral tape covering the edge of the palm of the handprint that is attached to the wire. Cover the stem with ribbon and add ribbon leaves. Place the handprint flowers and buds at varying heights in the vase, and deliver the bouquet with a smile and hug to Mom or Grandma.


To make a keepsake for a new mom, you will need:

Frame and mat with 3 opening

White or cream art paper for printing handprint and footprint

Acid-free pigment ink pad of a color of your choice

Photo of baby

Ribbon to match ink

Stamp baby's handprint and footprint onto the art paper. Place prints in upper and lower openings and photos in the center opening of the frame and hang with a ribbon.



To make these cast handprints, you will need:

Plaster of Paris

Plastic container in a size of your choice

Photos of children

Mix Plaster of Paris according to package directions and pour about 1-inch deep into a plastic container that is not much larger than the child's hand. Have the child press his or her hand firmly into the plaster, leaving a nice print of the hand, and then wash their hand thoroughly with soap and water. Allow the plaster to dry according to package directions. Remove the print from container, glue it onto mat board, and frame it beside a photo of the child.



To make Helping Hands, you will need:

Scrapbook paper


Permanent markers, scissors, hole punch


Cut out several handprints and write deeds of service on each to resemble a coupon, then assemble the hands as a booklet and tie them together with a ribbon. Mom will certainly enjoy using these helping hands of service.

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