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Handle lower cabin door step.


Crewmembers, when eyeballing your Chinook for problems during daily and preflight inspections, don't get hasty and forget the cabin door step.

Mistreatment of any part of your bird will damage components or a part of the airframe. The lower cabin door step gets lots of abuse.

Break the habit of opening the lower cabin door and letting the door step drop. Do the opposite. Get in the habit of grabbing the handle and lowering the cabin door step properly.

If you let the cabin door step fall down, you elongate the bolt holes and break the door hinges. You can also crack the step by letting it free fall into place.

One more thing to remember: Break the habit of using the lower cabin door step as a spring board. So stop jumping down on it to exit your bird. And keep your feet off the door arms, too. Your weight can crack them. Since the lower cabin door step has a handle, use it!

Check the step during daily inspections.

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