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Handheld instrument's simultaneous measurement.

Labcell has introduced the KD2Pro thermal properties meter to the UK market. Similar to the existing KD2, the new model benefits from an SH-1 dual probe that enables thermal diffusivity and specific heat to be measured simultaneously in solids, gels and liquids.

The KD2Pro is supplied with a 6cm KS-1 probe and a 10cm TR-1 probe, both of which can be used to measure thermal conductivity and thermal resistivity.

Compared with alternative thermal properties analysers, the high-accuracy KD2Pro costs significantly less almost 90 per cent less in some cases! Typical users of the new KD2Pro will be food scientists and developers of new food products who need to determine cooking times, as well as researchers in universities and commercial R&D environments.

Handheld and easy to use, the KD2Pro takes readings in just 90 seconds. Over this period, the instrument takes measurements every second, then analyses the data and corrects for sample temperature drift to ensure readings are accurate. If required, the instrument can be left to run in automatic mode, so readings are taken at time intervals determined by the user. Data can then be downloaded in the form of readings or as raw data for analysis in conformance with IEEE and ASTM standards.

Depending on the sensor type used, the KD2Pro offers accuracies of 7 per cent for specific heat, 5-10 per cent for thermal conductivity/resistivity, and 5 per cent for thermal diffusivity. Each instrument is delivered factory calibrated and with performance verification documentation.

The KD2Pro is available in the UK exclusively through Labcell.

Contact Labcell Ltd on tel 01420 568150 or visit
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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:May 1, 2007
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