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Handheld gauge monitors nodularity with ultrasonic sound velocity. (New product).

The Model 25HPV ultrasonic sound velocity/thickness gauge from Panametrics, Waltham, Massachusetts, provides a cost-effective solution for measuring material properties. This gauge can be used to monitor changes in cast material properties by measuring the ultrasonic sound velocity. A typical application involves cast metals in which changes in sound velocity can be used to monitor the degree of nodularity.

Operation of this handheld gauge is simple: the operator places an ultrasonic probe on the casting and enters its known thickness during the calibration process. The gauge then digitally displays the sound velocity value.

A unique feature, Application Auto-Recall, allows users to select and recall any of the stored standard or custom transducer setups in the gauge's memory. This permits easy switching between a variety of contact, delay line and immersion transducers to solve an almost infinite number of measurement problems.

The high-penetration velocity/thickness gauge weighs only 1 lb, 3 oz (0.59 kg). Other features include:

* operation in sound velocity or thickness mode;

* measurement of material sound velocity from 0.02- 0.6692 in./[micro]sec (0.508-17.0mm/[micro]sec);

* measurement of thickness from 0.03-25 in. (1.25-635mm), depending on the application;

* use of contact, delay line, and immersion transducers;

* "hi-low" alarm for velocity or thickness inches per mm;

* long battery life.

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Title Annotation:From Panametrics
Comment:Handheld gauge monitors nodularity with ultrasonic sound velocity. (New product).(From Panametrics)
Publication:Modern Casting
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Date:Nov 1, 2001
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