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Handheld Holograms.

One of my favorite intro to art activities is handheld holograms. It would be great to teach any time, but I have found that it's perfect for early in the semester. It gets the kids psyched and incorporates a vocabulary review.

While researching STEAM-y stuff for our school's summer STEAM camp, I stumbled across the idea of holograms. I was certain I could incorporate them into the camp--and into my art class.

I started by creating a practice hologram alone in my classroom, tested it out in my semi-dark supply closet, and was hooked. I literally ran around my school showing every science teacher I could find. Not only would this project be a tie-in to art, it was awesomely easy!

There are many ways to create the hologram devices using plexiglass, CD cases, etc., but I like old transparency sheets best. Our school has a huge supply of them, due to our moving away from projectors to smartboards.

One of the things I like best about this lesson is that can change its complexity to fit the level of your students, focus more on line, shape and form if you wish, or you can pull light, reflection and focus more on the science aspects.

Kerri Waller teaches art at Simpson Middle School in Marrietta, Ga., and is the GAEA Middle Level Teacher of the Year.


1. Review the following: line vs shape; shape vs form; 2D vs 3D; craftsmanship; use of traditional vs. nontraditional media.

2. Lead class discussion on where they see technology being used in art.

3. Demonstrate how to create a 3D hologram device from a 2D piece of transparency.

4. Create pattern for "holographic pyramid."

a. Create pattern for students to trace onto transparency with black permanent marker.

b. Give students patterns you found online to trace onto transparency with black permanent marker.

c. Have students create their own pattern (incorporating angles, circles, triangles, lines, radius) and then trace it onto the transparency with black permanent marker.

5. Students create their holographic pyramid with transparency with traced pattern.

a. Cut out patterns (to avoid mix-ups, have them write their initials small near an edge).

b. Create folds in cut transparency and tape together using care and craftsmanship to create balanced hologram device. 5. Students will use the newly created hologram device with technology to create a hologram.

a. Teacher can search YouTube for "four-sided hologram videos" and copy links onto class blog/webpage/Edmodo for students to easily pull up.

b. Students can create their own four-sided hologram video/ picture using the Holapex Hologram app.

(Try creating a speed art video using Osmo's Masterpiece app, and then upload the video into the Holapex Hologram app to create an individualized four-sided video.)

c. Put the hologram device on the tablet or smartphone playing the four-sided video in a dark area.

d. Watch as students are amazed at what they created!

Go to and click on this button for related resources.

Caption: A small piece of transparent tape is added to the open edges to hold the hologram device together.

Caption: Four-sided hologram videos are available online to work with their devices.

Caption: A Students turn their 2D transparency cutout into 3D by creating folds.

Caption: After tracing patterns onto transparency sheets, students cut them out.

Caption: Students can create their own four-sided hologram video from one of their drawings. Here, a drawing was created using Osmo and uploaded into the Holapex Hologram app.
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