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Handguns Website.

The Handguns website has been mentioned in this column several times in the past and we have asked Aaron Decker, our On-line Editor to explain a little bit more about his department.

AS THE COMPUTER AGE FIRES away at a semi-automatic pace in the year 2001, I thought I would take a moment to introduce the websites for Handguns magazine,

Launched in December, the "dot com" version of Handguns is building month by month thanks to you, our readers. The purpose of the site is to give subscribers and readers of Handguns an alternate resource to find more information about handguns and handgun accessories.

Every day the news section of the site is updated with articles and notes from around the world. These stories are pulled from various news sources and are intended to give you the most current up-to-date information about the world of firearms that a monthly magazine can't provide.

In addition to our daily updates, we also update the site on a weekly basis with articles that have appeared within the folds of Handguns.

Though not every article from the magazine is published on the site, we try and select a variety of articles that will cover a broad base of what's on the market. One neat thing about the website is our capability to revisit articles that have appeared in Handguns over the last half-decade. Some articles on handguns are timeless and with the website we can return to any piece that looks like it would be interesting to you.

In addition to the content from Handguns, there are articles on handguns published from our sister magazine, Guns & Ammo. This allows us to give you content and stories that should be new to the subscribers who read the magazine from cover to cover.

Other features of the website include a Gun Talk forum where you can discuss with other gun lovers the heft of a Model 29 or why you love the 1911. Or you can sound off in the Second Amendment Forum about why you thought the United Nations small arms conference was a waste of time. The choice is up to you.

Something that I think is extremely valuable is our subscription database site that allows users to make changes to their existing subscription, renew old ones or start a new subscription. All of this is available to you with a click of a button.

In conjunction with,, I would like to draw your attention to one of our latest developmental projects, This site is the 'ebay' for all things related to firearms and firearms accessories. Just like any auction site, allows users to buy or sell firearms via the internet at auction rates. When venturing onto the site, simply type in the search engine what item you are looking for and I would say nine times out often, you'll find it.

Though continues to and always will be a work in progress, I hope that you find the site to be "user friendly." We strive to make your visit to our domain an enjoyable one and we hope that we can help oil your squeak for more gun information. If you have suggestions or comments about the site, please feel free to email me at I read each and every e-mail I receive and though I can't respond to all of them, I know the importance of listening to the readership. Thank you and fire away.

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Date:Nov 1, 2001
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