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Handbook of hygiene control in the food.

Developments, such as the demand for minimally processed foods have placed a renewed emphasis on good hygienic practice in the food industry. 1. Introduction. 2. The Range of Microbial Risks in Food Processing. 3. Biofilm Risks. 4. Pathogen Resistance to Sanitisers. 5. Aerosols as a Contamination Risk. 6. Consumer Perceptions of Risks from Food. 7 Improving Design. 8. Improving Zoning within Food Processing Plants. 9. Improving the Design of Floors. 10. Improving the Design of Walls. 11. Improving the Hygienic Design of Closed Equipment. 12. Improving the Hygienic Design of Heating Equipment. 13. Improving the Hygienic Design of Equipment in Handling Dry Materials. 14. Improving the Hygienic Design of Packaging Equipment. 15. Improving the Hygienic Design of Electrical Equipment. 16. Improving the Hygienic Design of Valves. 17 Improving the Hygienic Design of Pipes. 18. Improving the Hygienic Design of Pumps. 19. Improving Hygienic Control by Sensors. 20. Risk Assessment in Hygiene Management. 21. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in the Food Industry. 22. The Use of Standard Operating Procedures. 23. Managing Risks from Allergenic Residues. 24. Managing Contamination Risks from Food Packaging Materials. 25. Improving Hygiene in Food Transportation. 26. Improving the Control of Insects in Food Processing. 27 Improving Cleaning in Place. 28. Improving Cleaning Out of Place. 29. Improving the Cleaning of Heat Exchangers 30. Improving the Cleaning of Tanks. 31. Ozone Decontamination in Hygiene Management. 32. Enzymatic Cleaning in Food Processing. 33. Contamination Routes & Analysis in Food Processing Environments. 34. Testing Surface Cleanability in Food Processing. 35. Improving the Monitoring of Fouling, Cleaning & Disinfection in Closed Process Plant. 36. Improving Surface Sampling & Detection of Contamination. 37. Improving Air Sampling. 38. Testing the Effectiveness of Disinfectants & Sanitisers. 39. Traceability of Cleaning Agents & Disinfectants. 40. Improving Hygiene Auditing.


edited by H.LM. Lelieveld MA Mostert & J. Hoiah

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Comment:Handbook of hygiene control in the food.
Author:Mostert; Holah, J.
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Date:Mar 1, 2011
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