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Handbook of Sweeteners.

HANDBOOK of SWEETENERS. Edited by S Marie and J R Piggott. 302 pages with index. Price: 68.00 [pounds]. (UK: The Blackie Publishing Group) The aim of this book is quite simply to fill the gap in the literature concerning sweetness and sweeteners. Usually, they are dealt with separately, whereas it seems obvious that the two are very much interlinked. All the important classes of sweetener have been included and therefore comparisons can be made between them in relation to their technological advantages and even disadvantages.

For the purposes of this text, a sweetener is assumed to be any substance whose primary effect is to sweeten foods or beverages, so this definition neatly includes both the nutritive and non nutritive varieties. To create such a text twenty authors have been persuaded to 'put pen to paper' to provide eleven chapters. After setting the scene, the major classes of sweetener are discussed in detail before consideration is given to the marketing of these materials. Of course the whole area of the possibility of health risks or attributes is discussed along with the legislative aspects.

The actual chapter titles are: Sweeteness and food selection; The carbohydrate - sucrose; Non sucrose carbohydrates; Sugar alcohols; Intense sweeteners; Natural high potency sweeteners; Sweetener markets, marketing and product development; Sweeteners and dental health; Sweeteners and metabolic disorders; Sweeteners and body weight; and Sweeteners - statutory aspects. Throughout the book clear emphasis is made as to the science behind these products and the text should provide a useful reference.
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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