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Handbook of Personal Data Protection.

The Handbook of Personal Data Protection covers a multitude of specific laws and regulations without a lot of superfluous information. It more than accomplishes its purpose of providing a snapshot of global data protection.

The book is divided into two parts, is well structured for easy use, has a list of relevant abbreviations and acronyms, contains an excellent glossary of national and international terms, and contains fourteen pertinent tables. It provides insight into the current privacy issues on a global scale and has a small map of countries enacting data protection laws.

Part one consists of eight chapters and deals with international privacy concerns. This section is more or less a chronological sequence of the evolution of privacy issues by region and specific country. It covers eastern and western Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, the Far East, and Africa.

Part two addresses specific country privacy legislation and laws. It refers to twenty-eight countries and several international organizations, such as the Council of Europe. Information is listed both alphabetically and in the index, allowing the reader to access information rapidly by specific issue of interest.

While the first section of the book gives a history of personal privacy, the publication is, on balance, a reference manual. It contains numerous tables, including statistics, to support observations made by the author. If the text appears to be weak on state laws and legislation within the United States, it is because most states still do not have privacy protection laws.

Unless your company is extremely diversified and has interests internationally, 95 percent of this book would go unused; however the fifty pages you would use could prove invaluable. It contains a range of current information and is likely to save essential time when you need the answer to a question on privacy legislation for a particular state or country.

The author has extensively researched and conferred with authorities from many nations. The material does not appear dated, as with most books of this nature.

The publication is an excellent source of information on personal data protection. It should be on the shelves of business institutions, colleges, and universities; in the reference library of security and administrative professionals; and on the desks of companies responsible for dealing with state, federal, or international government privacy issues and sensitive information data flow across borders.

Ronald J. Lauzon, CPP, is an information security specialist with Z, Inc, of Silver Spring, Maryland. He is a member of ASIS.
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Author:Lauzon, Ronald J.
Publication:Security Management
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Date:May 1, 1993
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