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Handbook of Perfumes and Flavors.

HANDBOOK of PERFUMES and FLAVORS by Dr Olindo Secondini. 474 pages with index. Price: 129.00 [pound]. (USA: Chemical Publishing Co Inc; UK: Food Trade Press Ltd)

Books on this topic seem to appear at rather rare intervals which maybe adds to the mystique of this whole subject area. However, to be fair it is one of those subjects that has resisted, to a certain extent, scientific evaluation primarily because our sense of smell is as yet imperfectly understood.

The chapter titles themselves give an indication of the breadth the author covers in these pages. They are: Odours; Natural essences; Synthetic essences; Aromatic chemicals; Perfumes; Basic flavouring material; Solvents; Colorants for flavours and manufacture. There is also a useful bibliography and list of references.

Of this text the Formulary of Flavours covers 110 pages and details an enormous number of flavours and their constituents. So often they are closely guarded secrets but texts like this one help to shed light on how the general range of flavours is compounded. Another chapter of considerable interest is that entitled Basic Flavouring Materials. In alphabetical order it lists many materials that are used in the flavouring business; in each case the chemical formula is set down, as is an outline of the method of production, brief physical properties, characteristics and uses. The Botanical References for the Formulary chapter is similarly informative in providing the Latin name, the normal habitat, the parts of the plant that are used are identified and other notes are given.

Here is a book on what is usually a weighty subject where the text is often tabular and all the better for that, because at the end of the day the reader needs to know how to create the required flavour. This text will either provide the answer or give a broad clue as to where you start.
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Date:Jul 1, 1991
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