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Handbook of Optical Metrology: Principles and Applications, 2nd Edition.


Handbook of Optical Metrology: Principles and Applications, 2nd Edition

Edited by Toru Yoshizawa

CRC Press


905 pages




Editor Yoshizawa offers the second edition of this optical metrology text designed to give a rigorous introduction and containing four new chapters on optical coherence tomography, interference microscopy, profile metrology, and manufacturing technology. The first section presents fundamentals of optics and optical devices, while the second section discusses the applications of optical principles to metrology and metrology techniques. The third section comprises more than half the book and discusses a variety of practical applications including measurement of length, size, displacement, alignment, and flatness, profilometry, polarimetry, refringence measurement, ellipsometry, machine measurements, and other topics including the new topics mentioned previously. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Article Type:Brief article
Date:Jul 1, 2015
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