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Handbook of Linear Algebra, 2nd Edition.


Handbook of Linear Algebra, 2nd Edition

Edited by Leslie Hogben

CRC Press


1094 pages



Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications


Editor Hogben presents this thorough desk reference on theory, topics, and applications of linear algebra, consisting of 95 chapters in five parts. Part I covers the basic concepts of linear algebra, including vectors and matrices, linear independence and basis sets, determinants, eigenvalues, product spaces, and orthogonality, canonical forms, matrices with special properties such as Hermitian and unitary, and spectral theory. This is followed by a range of current topics such as multilinear algebra, matrix polynomials and equations, perturbation theory, pseudospectra, inverse problems, integral domains, and spectral sets, among many others. Part II covers combinatorial matrix theory and likewise presents a list of related topics. Part III covers numerical methods for linear systems and eigenvalue computation with a recent topics list. In part IV a variety of applications of linear algebra are discussed, including in the natural sciences, programming, statistical modeling, computer science, analysis, geometry, and other fields of algebra. Finally the last section provides commentary on computer software suites used for linear algebra work. Many of the topical and applications chapters have been updated or added since the first edition, and discussion of the open source computer system Sage is new. A section of preliminary definitions and a glossary and notation index are provided.

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