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Handbook of Infant Mental Health, 4th Edition.


Handbook of Infant Mental Health, 4th Edition

Edited by Charles H. Zeanah, Jr.

Guilford Press


678 pages



This handbook contains 39 chapters by mental health specialists from the US, Europe, Australia, and Israel, who address aspects of infant mental health. They cover development and context, including pregnancy, neurobiology, and social and emotional development; risk and protective factors like poverty, postnatal depression, parental substance abuse, prematurity, and the effects of violent experiences; assessment; psychopathology, including autism spectrum disorder, communication disorders, intellectual disabilities, sleep disorders, eating and feeding disorders, disruptive behaviors, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, and attachment disorders; interventions; and applications of infant mental health in terms of training, primary care, child care and early education, and home visiting. This edition includes more coverage of the biological underpinnings of development in early childhood, new developments in the understanding of risk processes, and new approaches to assessment, advances in the understanding of early childhood psychopathology, and evidence-based treatments, as well as new chapters on genetic and epigenetic processes; executive functions; historical trauma; neglect; additional clinical problems like hyperactivity and inattention, sensory overresponsivity, and relationship-specific disorder; and additional interventions, including attachment and biobehavioral catch-up, video-feedback intervention to promote positive parenting and sensitive discipline, parent-child interaction therapy, and home visiting programs. Other chapters have been rewritten or revised. (Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Date:Jan 1, 2019
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