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Handbook of Industrial Drying, 2d ed, vol. 1.

The drying of solids is one of the oldest and most common unit operations found in diverse processes used in agriculture, ceramic, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, paper, mineral, polymer and textile industries. Drying is one of the most complex and least understood operations, an amalgam of mathematical descriptions and phenomena - transport of heat, mass and momentum in solid media, yet its applications in the food industries are widespread.

This second edition has been completely revised and enlarged since the first edition appeared seven years ago, from twenty-nine to forty-three chapters; new material has been added to provide information on minimizing environmental impact, increasing energy efficiency, maintaing quality control, improving safety of operation, and improving the control of drying systems. New sections or chapters have been added to cover in detail microwave drying, infrared drying, impinging steam dryers, use of superheated steam and osmotic dehydration, and drying of biotechnological materials, tissue and towles, peat, coal and fibrous materials.

The information in this book can be categorized as product related, equipment related, and the relationships between the two, ie, the system of drying. For products not specifically covered, or for the design of dryers not included, readers can select closely related applicable information to meet numerous requirements.

Part one of the book covers the fundamental aspects of drying, from principles to experimental techniques to cost calculations and transport properties. Part two covers the various dryer types, vacuum rotary, fluidized bed, dram, spray drying, freeze drying, microwave and dielectric, solar, spouted bed, flash drying, impinging stream and infrared. Part three covers the various industrial sectors; of particular interest to the food industry are the chapters covering the drying of foodstuffs, the drying of agricultural products, the drying of fruits and vegetables, osmotic dehydration of fruits and vegetables, evaporation and spray drying in the dairy industry.
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Date:May 1, 1995
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