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Handball - Ben Shahn.

Do you like to play games with your friends? What games do you play? What is your favorite game to play with your friends? Where do you play? How many people usually play? What do you wear when you play? What things do you need to play the game?

Ben Shahn is an American artist. He lived in a big city. He noticed many things going on around him there. He liked to make pictures about people and the things they do. Some of Ben's paintings are very large. He worked with a Mexican painter named Jose Orozco on some big murals at Rockefeller Center in New York City. These murals were never finished. Ben also did many smaller paintings about people and their lives.

One of Ben's paintings shows a scene which could be seen on the streets of the city almost any day. Several boys are playing handball. Look at the big backboard marked with black lines for the game. How many people are playing handball in this picture? Notice how each boy is dressed differently. They are not wearing uniforms. This is just a neighborhood game among friends, so they are wearing their ordinary play clothes. How old do you think the boys in this picture are? Do you wonder what is behind the big backboard? The tops of the buildings might help you to imagine what the neighborhood looks like. Would you like to join them in the game?

A Painting or Drawing to Try

Think of a favorite game you play with your friends.

How many friends play this game with you?

Where do you play the game?

What do yon wear to play the game?

Draw or paint yourself playing dais game.

Include several friends in your picture.

Show how each of your friends in the game looks and dresses differently.

Show some of the neighborhood where you and your friends play.

Tell other people about the game, your friends and your drawing or painting.

Words to discuss

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