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Hand-held instrument for quick color QC. (Keeping up with Auxiliaries).

A new inexpensive, hand-held, color-measurement device permits quick quality checks of the color of molded parts. The battery-operated ColorQA is the first product from a new company, PocketSpec Technologies in Denver. Priced at $350, it quickly measures and displays color readings while eliminating the effects of ambient light.

The unit contains a probe with an electro-optic sensor. Upon contacting the object being measured, the probe strobes a white LED, while the tri-color photo-diode detector measures the reflectivity of the object in the red, green, and blue color spectra. The measurement is then processed in the unit's micro-controller, and the calculated color value is displayed on an LCD in a red-green-blue (RGB) numerical scale. The unit can also display the color difference versus a target value and "go/no-go" quality evaluations. Tel: (303) 393-8060,
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Title Annotation:PocketSpec Technologies
Publication:Plastics Technology
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Date:Jan 1, 2003
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