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Hand-Held Mold Hardness Tester Unveiled at GIFA.

A hand-held mold hardness tester was introduced at GIFA '99 in Germany by Simpson Technologies, Aurora, Illinois, as an addition to the Simpson+Gerosa sand laboratory testing equipment.

With a set of easily exchangeable heads, the device can provide measurements of AFS B Scale, AFS C Scale, penetration mold hardness and scratch tests. In addition, its multi-line, alphanumeric display provides information on the name of the operator using the device, the name of the mold or pattern being tested, the date and time of each test, and the date of the last calibration of the device.

The tester has several modes of operation, including:

* point-to-point, which provides the ability to collect data on up to 500 individual data measurement points;

* average mode, which provides an average of the measurement points the operator selects;

* scan mode, which provides a sequential record of the measurement points the operator selects. When downloaded to a computer, this information can be used to profile the hardness of a mold pocket;

* transfer mode, which provides the ability to transfer the collected data via an infrared port to a standard computer for collection and analysis.

The device is powered by a rechargeable battery.
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Title Annotation:Simpson Technologies Corp. shows tester
Comment:Hand-Held Mold Hardness Tester Unveiled at GIFA.(Simpson Technologies Corp. shows tester)
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Date:Nov 1, 2000
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