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Hana in the Time of the Tulips.

Deborah Noyes, illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick Press, 2004. Illus., hardcover, 40 pp., $16.99.

Hana's story traces the brief, uniquely disastrous history of the seventeenth-century Dutch tulip market. Her father is a merchant who goes overboard in dealing with these bulbs while she watches. She tries to help Rembrandt, a family friend, who has a cameo appearance. Visualized in the style of the period with a simulated Rembrandt etching in end-pages and small vignettes, the pictures convey much of the young girl's emotions. This work is a fine example of how competent artworks may enhance historical studies of art, but also, more broadly, how they enhance cultural investigations.
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Title Annotation:Children's Book Briefs
Author:Marantz, Ken
Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 1, 2005
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