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Hampton, Va. honored for fighting drunk driving.

The National Commission Against Drunk Driving (NCADD) held its Ninth Annual Awards Luncheon and National Conference on Young Legal Drinkers on December 6, 1993, here in Washington, D.C.. One of the 11 awards presented, the Law Enforcement Award, was issued to the city of Hampton, Va. for its Habitual Offenders Project.

Lieutenant Thomas Clifford accepted the award for the city and his own innovative approach to deal with repeat drunk driving offenders.

Clifford recognized the fact that by zeroing in on repeat offenders of drunk driving, the Hampton Police could more effectively target and prevent future alcohol-related crashes.

As outlined by NCADD, the Hampton habitual Offenders Project was directed at drivers whose privilege to drive was listed as suspended or revoked, and who had more than one drunk driving conviction.

Officers were instructed to monitor the targeted drivers to see if they were operating vehicles in violation of the court orders against them. Should they be observed in violation, appropriate action could then be taken.

The initial pilot project targeted 67 drivers and netted 21 arrests of repeat offenders. That success rate has prompted other jurisdictions to express their interests in replicating the project.

If you would like additional information on the Award winners, their programs or on the National Conference on Young Legal Drinkers, please contact the National Commission Against Drunk Driving at (202) 452-6004.
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Title Annotation:Hampton, Virginia
Author:Price, Erica J.
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Dec 20, 1993
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