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Hammonds Technical Services Delivers 7 US Air Force ODVs for Material Positioning.

Add-On Orders from Government and Private Sector Anticipated

Hammonds ODVs Expected to become Standard Air Force Tool

HOUSTON -- Hammonds Technical Services, Inc., a subsidiary of International American Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:IMTG), which is a subsidiary of American International Industries, Inc. (OTCBB:AMIN), has shipped seven of its Model G-30 ODV (Omni Directional Vehicle) tractors, at an average price of $38,495, to be used as material positioning equipment at Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, Georgia. The tractors will be used in various aircraft maintenance operations on the base including the C-5, C-17 and F-15 maintenance hangers. The G-30 tractors have a towing capacity of 30,000 pounds and although designed as aircraft tow tractors, they offer significant benefits over conventional towing equipment when positioning large components such as maintenance stands used to carry engines, landing gear and other heavy aircraft components.

In addition, the Hammonds G-30s will be used to position various ground support equipment used in military aircraft service. Hammonds delivered the first G-30s in 2005 which have proven to be extremely versatile, low maintenance tools for the US Air Force.

"The reviews on our product have been exemplary, to the extent that other groups within Warner Robbins now want ODVs. We believe these tractors have potential for system-wide use in our Air Force, since major maintenance is performed at a number of bases throughout the US and foreign countries. While this was a one-time order, we are expecting many opportunities for add-ons."

Delivery of the Air Force order in combination with deliveries for other models of the Hammonds ODV signals a steady growth in production for the industrial tractor line. Hammonds hopes to have additional metal working equipment installed and operational by January 2007.

"We will continue to expand our welding lines, install a new state-of-the-art paint system and more than triple our vehicle assembly area as we improve and expand the production area of our facility. Installation of new lighting will complete phase two of our plant expansion that will utilize 65,000 square feet of our 106,000 square-foot facility. Fuel additive systems, water treatment equipment and ODV production and inventory will be housed in the 65,000 square foot section of the facility," reported Carl Hammonds, President of the Hammonds companies.

"Coming out of the NBAA with significant orders for both the standard G series tractors and the ODAT (Omni Directional Aircraft Transporter), our biggest challenge now is to upgrade our facilities and equipment to meet demand for the ODV. Under the ongoing requirement of the DOD to standardize material positing equipment, we expect that our product will become a standard tool for all Air Force bases," said Hammonds.

For additional information regarding Hammonds, please visit the Company's web site and for additional information regarding IMTG, please check our most recent 10KSB or 10QSB filings.

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Date:Dec 14, 2006
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