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Hammer mill system.

The Model 141 hammer mill reduces friable and fibrous materials into uniform particle sizes ranging from 20 to 300 mesh. Centrifugal force causes pivoting hammers to stand at 90[degrees] to the rotating shaft, throwing material against breaker plate ridges in the feed section, and then against perforated bed screens through which sized material exits. The shaft, integral hammer discs, disc pins and hammers are driven by a 75 hp (56 kw) motor at 1,800 to 4,000 rpm, achieving hammer tip speeds of 8,700 to 19,500 ft./min. (2,650 to 5,950 m/min.), even under heavy loads, reducing the broad variety of solid material into particles at high rates, according to the company. The mill can separate rubber from cord fiber and reduce the size of a variety of rubber and plastic products. Particle size is determined by the size of the screen perforations. In addition to a lower 180[degrees] cylinder screen, the unit features an extra 90[degrees] screen located in the hinged section of the top case, increasing screen area by 50% to a total of 270[degrees], utilizing the entire area of the case. The lower screen is secured by a quick release mechanism. (Munson Machinery)
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Date:Jan 1, 2007
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