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Hammer attack on food delivery driver.

Byline: Report by Rob Smith

A MAN who attacked a delivery man with a hammer to steal PS40 worth of pizza and ice cream has avoided an immediate jail sentence.

Christopher Lowe, 43, of Chiltern Gardens in Dawley, Telford, turned himself in to police 11 days after his attack on Domino's delivery driver Gurjit Singh on March 20 this year.

He told officers that he was disturbed at what he was capable of, having been depressed, hungry and broke when he decided to plan his robbery.

On Friday he was sentenced for the robbery, in which he also pocketed PS20 that his victim dropped when he fled.

At Shrewsbury Crown Court, Judge Anthony Lowe told him that he only decided to suspend his two-year jail sentence for two years because of his previous lack of convictions and his decision to own up to a crime.

Prosecuting, Stephen Bayley, told the court that Mr Singh was sent to deliver pizza, ice cream and soft drinks to Lancaster Avenue in Dawley at about 12.40am on March 20.

When he arrived at the address Lowe and another unidentified man met him in the front garden.

He greeted the two, to which Lowe said "give me my food, I'm hungry". Mr Singh handed over the pizza boxes and retrieved some cold bags containing the ice cream and drink. He also prepared about PS20 in change and asked Lowe for payment.

To that Lowe said "no problem" but then picked up a hammer and swung it at Mr Singh's left leg. He dropped the money and the cool bags and fled to his vehicle. He returned to the Domino's store and recounted what happened to his manager, who reported it to the police.

Mr Bayley said that Lowe grappled with his conscience for a few days, then on March 31 he went to a police station voluntarily.

Representing Lowe, Debra White said: "This is a man who could have simply kept his head down, hoped for the best. To his credit his conscience got the better of him and he did absolutely the right thing.

"He has shown the utmost remorse and he's extremely sorry for his actions that night."

Judge Lowe said he would normally not consider giving someone who armed themselves for a pre-meditated street robbery a suspended sentence, but considered there were "exceptional" circumstances. He imposed a curfew between 7.30pm and 6am for six months, and requirements including 30 rehabilitation activity days and six months of drug rehabilitation work.

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Publication:Shropshire Star (Shropshire, England)
Date:Jul 9, 2019
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