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Salmonella bacteria love bagged salads. Brief article Dec 24, 2016 165
Gut microbes may spark Parkinson's: bacterial imbalance could be culprit, mouse study suggests. Dec 24, 2016 687
Enzyme links up carbon and silicon: selective breeding enables biological bonding of the atoms. Dec 24, 2016 388
The future of cars: five big challenges for autonomous vehicles. Dec 24, 2016 828
Red squirrels harbor leprosy bacteria: microbes may have been lurking in British rodents for centuries. Dec 10, 2016 384
Textile to charge devices from sun and movement. Brief article Nov 26, 2016 184
Technique shows molecular details in color. Brief article Nov 26, 2016 157
Biggest organelle gets image update: surprising structure of cell's endoplasmic reticulum seen. Nov 26, 2016 403
Amoeba gives clues to animal origins: single-celled life had molecular tools for going multicellular. Nov 12, 2016 408
Al system learns like a human, stores info like a computer. Brief article Nov 12, 2016 213
Mapping life's networks: multi-omics offers a new way of doing biology. Oct 29, 2016 3023
Citizen scientists help planet in peril. Book review Oct 29, 2016 399
Rattlesnakes have lost venom genes: ancient common ancestor produced more types of toxins. Oct 15, 2016 527
Scientists watch superbugs evolve: growth patterns reveal E. coli's path to drug resistance. Oct 15, 2016 392
Dog brains divide language tasks: as in humans, meaning and intonation interpreted separately. Oct 1, 2016 441
Virus helps plant attract pollinators: pathogen's effects ensure stable supply of hosts, study suggests. Sep 17, 2016 398
Quantum data locking demonstrated: long encrypted message can be sent with short decoding key. Sep 17, 2016 594
Distinctions blur between wolf species: mating of coyotes, grays leads to muddled canine identities. Sep 3, 2016 732
'Promiscuous' enzymes switch jobs: bacteria devise work-around if important genes are disabled. Sep 3, 2016 439
Swordfish oil boosts speed in water. Brief article Aug 20, 2016 190
Microbes join in oral conspiracy: benign mouth bacteria provide energy boost for pathogen. Aug 6, 2016 310
Why the turtle got its shell: digging may have contributed to carapace evolution. Aug 6, 2016 400
Protein ruins dad's mitochondria: study of worm sperm sheds light on inheritance mystery. Jul 23, 2016 552
Cocaine users are creatures of habit: addicts have hard time adjusting their everyday behaviors. Jul 23, 2016 354

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