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Hamas prevents fatah delegation from entering Gaza for 'cursing God'--fatah demands apology from Hamas--Hamas Says fatah arrested five of its members in the west bank.

--Hamas Prevents Fatah Delegation from Entering Gaza for 'Cursing God'

--Fatah Demands Apology from Hamas

--Hamas Says fatah Arrested Five of its Members in the West Bank

Although the secular Fatah movement and the Islamist Hamas organization decided in late December 2011 to make efforts to realize the long-awaited Palestinian reconciliation, disagreements between the two factions escalated last week after Hamas refused to allow a delegation comprised of Fatah officials and representatives of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' office from entering the Gaza Strip.

The pan-Arab daily AL HAYAT reported Monday that Fatah demanded an apology from Hamas; however the Islamist group, which is in control of the Gaza Strip, expressed its "determination" to try Sakher Bseiso, a member of the Fatah delegation and one of Abbas' envoys after accusing him of "cursing God," when asked by an officer at a Hamas checkpoint to wait until he contacted his commanders, according to Reuters. This new development came at a time when Mustafa Barghouti, the coordinator of the Freedom Committee for Palestinian reconciliation said that Palestinian factions will "implement" on the ground what they had agreed on during the meetings that were held for the purpose of discussing the Palestinian reconciliation, AL HAYAT reported.
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Publication:The Weekly Middle East Reporter (Beirut, Lebanon)
Date:Jan 13, 2012
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