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Halogen lights.

The HPT-20 & HPF-20 small gooseneck halogen lights are ideal for machine tool applications and may also be used for emergency service vehicles that require flexible spot lighting. The HPF-20 offers a flexible 16- or 24-inch gooseneck providing easy positioning, and a universal base gives the option d horizontal or vertical mounting. A plug-in transformer is included with all 120V versions and eliminates the need for large transformers. The unit features a durable 16-inch gooseneck. A built-in transformer in the base allows convenient plug-in to a 120V power supply. Both the HPF and HPT offer intense, concentrated light to work areas. The flexible gooseneck allows complete maneuverability of both the head and neck. Waldmann Lighting Co. (800) 634-0007

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Date:Dec 1, 2005
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