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Halloween wig recall by store; poundland says stock has fallen below its usual standards.

Byline: IAN ROBSON Reporter @MrJustice01

A LEADING retailer has withdrawn sales of Halloween wigs.

Poundland, which also trades under the Dealz brand, said the products had fallen below the standards of the company.

A statement from Poundland, which has several stores in the North East, said: "Poundland is recalling Halloween wigs, having found them to fall below its standards.

"Customers are advised to return them to their nearest store for a full refund."

It was not immediately clear how the wigs were found to fall below standards.

Some of them are marketed with packaging where the wearer, with face painted in various ways, look like demonic clowns.

The recall notice comes as the "killer clown" craze, in which people dressed as clowns scare passers-by, has resulted in complaints to police around the region.

The products affected by the recall notice include the Fright Nite Long Wig in various colours including green, blue, black, red and pink.

The Fright Nite Short Bob wig and the Fright Nite curly wig in the same colours are also affected.

The wigs affected have been on sale at Poundland stores, Poundland Online and Dealz stores since August 2016.

A recall notice issued by the store stated: "If you have purchased one of these products or have any concerns regarding any other Poundland wig you have purchased previously to August 2016, please return it to your nearest store for a full refund.

"As a responsible retailer we take the testing and the standard of our products very seriously and remain committed to the highest levels of product quality which is why we are taking this precautionary measure.

"We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause."

Poundland advise customers to check the barcode and return the item to the nearest store.

They also ask customers who purchased the wigs for someone else to alert them to the recall.

The product codes and barcodes affected are: 127038-FRIGHT NITE LONG WIG (Green, Blue, Black, Red, Pink) Barcodes: 5054110002671, 5054110002688, 5054110002695, 5054110002701, 5054110002718 15428-FRIGHT NITE SHORT BOB WIG (Green, Blue, Black, Red, Pink) Barcodes: 5054110002626, 5054110002633, 5054110002640, 5054110002657, 5054110002664, 5054110280475, 5054110280482, 5054110280499, 5054110280505, 5054110280512 27039- FRIGHT NITE CURLY WIG (Green, Blue, Black, Red, Pink) Barcodes: 5054110002725, 5054110002732, 5054110002749, 5054110002756, 5054110002763


Poundland has recalled a number of halloween wigs including this one of a clown-like figure

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 14, 2016
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