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Halloween scene.


Greet your Halloween guests with a so-cute-it's-scary banner. Create one today using simple log cabin piecing, a Dia de los Muertos-inspired design collection and sweet themed fabrics.

Download the Ghost Duo embroidery design from until Oct. 31, 2016. Find the design after the expiration, and the rest of the collection, at


+ 3/4 yard of main print fabric (for backing and binding) (See "Sources")

+ 4 fat quarters of coordinating prints (for quilt top)

+ 1/4 yard of solid pink fabric

+ 15"x20" rectangle of fusible batting (See "Sources.")

+ Removable fabric marker

+ Vellum or other semitransparent paper

+ Tear-away stabilizer

+ Temporary spray adhesive

+ Rotary cutter & mat

+ Thread: all-purpose, black bobbin & embroidery

+ Hand sewing needle

+ Black embroidery floss

+ Short dowel rod, approximately 12" long (optional)

+ Halloween-themed embroidery & border designs (approximately 2" square & 2"x6"; see "Designs.")


* From the main print fabric, cut one 16"x24" rectangle for the backing.

* From the fat quarters and the main print fabric, cut two or three 2"-wide strips each. The main print fabric strips will be used for the log cabin piecing on the quilt front and the binding.


* Download the Ghost Duo embroidery design from freebies until Oct. 31, 2016. Purchase the design at after the expiration date. Load the design onto the machine.

* On a flat work surface, spray the tear-away stabilizer with temporary adhesive and place it on the wrong side of the solid pink fabric, smoothing any wrinkles.

* Hoop the fabric and stabilizer. Position the first design in the hoop so that you can stitch several designs onto the solid pink fabric piece, leaving at least a 2W border around each of the single-motif designs. Stitch the first design.

* Load the second design onto the machine and repeat, stitching each of the small designs and re-hooping the fabric as needed.

* On the last expanse of solid pink fabric, stitch two border designs in a row.

* Remove the hoop from the machine and tear away the stabilizer from each design perimeter.





Use 1/4" seam allowances unless otherwise noted. Press open all seams.

* From the vellum or transparent paper, cut one 4" square and one 4"x121/2" rectangle, taping the paper together if necessary.

* Draw a line through the vertical and horizontal center of the 4" vellum square. Center the square over one stitched design, pin in place or trace and cut around the design. Repeat for the remaining single-motif designs.

* Draw a line through the vertical and horizontal center of the vellum rectangle. Center the rectangle over the stitched border designs, pin in place or trace and cut around the design.

* Construct the small log cabin blocks first. Starting at the left edge and working clockwise around the square, pin and stitch the 2" strips to each edge of the single motif squares (A).

* With a ruler and rotary cutter, trim the excess and trim the edges as you complete each block (B).

* Piece the four blocks together.

* At the short edge of the stitched border rectangle, pin and stitch 2" strips to each edge. Then pin and stitch a 2" strip to the lower edge.

* Trim the pieced border strip to match the width of the pieced blocks above. Pin and stitch the border strip to the pieced block lower edge.






* Lay the quilt top right side up and centered over the fusible batting. Place both over the quilt backing wrong side (C).

* Fuse the layers together following the manufacturer's instructions.

* Using three strands of black embroidery floss, sew a running stitch around each embroidered block and rectangle.

* From the remaining main print fabric strips, piece together enough strips to create 70" of binding.

* Press the strip in half lengthwise with wrong sides together and pin it to the quilt top, aligning the raw edges and turning the beginning end to the wrong side. Miter the corners as you reach them.

* Stitch the binding in place, tucking the end into the folded beginning.

* Wrap the binding around the quilt edge toward the back and slipstitch in place.

* Find a remaining 2"x8" strip. Press the strip In half lengthwise with right sides together; stitch the long raw edge. Turn the strip right side out and press, centering the seam on the back.

* Cut the strip in half, and then fold each strip in half widthwise. Fold the raw ends 1/4" toward the wrong side. Stitch the hanging loops in place on the quilt back with each loop 21/2" from each quilt side.

* Thread the dowel rod through the loops.

Get the kit!

Find the Halloween Scene Kit, which includes all of the fabric you need to make the wall hanging plus the entire Halloween Scene design collection at


Skull, black cat, flowers, ghosts and tombstone

border: CME, Halloween Scene Embroidery



Cotton + Steel provided the featured Boo! fabrics:

Shop Sew It All carries fusible batting and the Halloween Scene kit:
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