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Halloween horror craze attracts evil spirits, priest warns.

The official exorcist of the Roman Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of the City of San Fernando in Pampanga warned that watching too many horror movies and reading horror reading materials could attract evil spirits.

Rev. Fr. Marius Roque, officially designated as exorcist by San Fernando Archbishop Florentino 'Dong' Lavarias, said persons who like to watch horror films and read horror books could suffer disturbances from evil spirits.

Roque was guest of the media forum Balitaan in time for the observance of All Saints' Day on Thursday. Balitaan is organized by the Capampangan in Media Inc., in cooperation with the Clark Development Corp., at the Bale Balita here every Friday.

Roque, who has been a priest for 29 years, has been exorcising evil spirits for seven years now, even if his appointment as exorcist was only done last year.

He recalled the story of a male nurse who suffered disturbances from evil spirits and got sick. There was no medical explanation on his condition, Roque said. 'But when we checked his house, we found a lot of horror reading materials,' he added.

Do not attract evil spirits to yourself, he warned.

Roque narrated another case involving a girl who went to the abandoned hospital in Clark on November 1 for a ghost-hunting trip.

'After a few months, she was brought to me because she was convulsing, she was frothing in the mouth and then I could perceive she was possessed and the evil spirit wants to come out,' he said. 'Then I told her mother to raise her shirt so that I can anoint her stomach and then I saw her navel was also frothing. How do you explain that medically?'

'I had 11 sessions, which means there were 11 evil spirits inside her,' the exorcist said. He said she vomited 11 times. Now, Roque said, the girl visits him every November 1 to thank him.

'Do not challenge evil spirits by ghost hunting,' he warned. 'Never do that. This is not a game.'

He added: 'It is very dangerous because you are also opening your place and heart to evil spirits.' Roque also said one case involved a lot of evil spirits in the house up to the point the owners could no longer sleep.

'We discovered that one of the children learned on YouTube how to play the Ouija board, which he did, so evil spirits invaded their house,' he narrated. 'And for how many weeks, they could not sleep in their house because the whole family can feel an evil presence,' he continued.

Roque said he used holy salt, holy water, holy oil and the Benedictine cross in driving out the evil spirits. Among the worst was a girl who dressed up as a 'black lady' during a Halloween party but was later possessed by the devil, he recalled.

'I had one case where a teenaged girl attracted evil spirits during the Halloween party after dressing up as a black lady,' he said.

'I cannot reveal the names and the places and parishes for confidentiality, only that she lives in the southern part of the province,' he added.

'She was violent. Her eyes were rolling and showed only the whites just like Linda Blair in the movie The Exorcist,' Roque narrated.

'Magwala ya pu [She was restless],' he said. She was also convulsing, he added. That is why All Saints' Day should not be associated with Halloween, he said, is terrifying. 'Stop dressing up as ghosts, vampires or witches,' Roque warned. 'Let us change this tradition,' he enjoined.

'If you look at Halloween, the root word is hallow which means holy,' he clarified. 'That is why November 1 is a day of all the saints,' he added. 'We honor saints because they follow God and they are worthy of our imitations and devotions,' Roque said.
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Publication:Business Mirror (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Oct 31, 2018
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