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Halloween Headbands.

Decorate your little devil (or monster or princess) in a headband featuring fun freestanding-lace horns for a quick Halloween costume.


+ Fabric-like water-soluble stabilizer

+ Embroidery thread

+ Fabric-covered headband

+ Removable fabric marker

+ Fabric glue

+ Binder clips

+ Thimble (optional)

+ Starch (optional)

+ Devil horns FSL embroidery design (approx. 4.26"x7.01"; see "Design.")


* Download the Dress Up Play Devil Horns embroidery design from until Oct. 31, 2018. Find the design after the expiration, and the rest of the collection, at Load the design onto the machine.

* Hoop two layers of fabric-like water-soluble stabilizer. Place the hoop onto the machine.

* Embroider the design, using bobbin thread to match the top thread throughout and trimming the jump threads between thread changes.

* Remove the hoop from the machine and the project from the hoop. Trim the stabilizer close to the design edges.

* Remove the remaining stabilizer according to the manufacturer's instructions. Remove only as much stabilizer as necessary to open the holes in the lace; the remaining stabilizer will act as starch and stiffen the design.

* Allow the designs to dry completely. Test the stiffness; if more is necessary, starch the designs to the desired stiffness.


* With right sides together, align one rectangular tab short end with the horn lower edge and whipstitch together using the same thread as the outer-edge satin stitches (A).

* Tie off the thread, and then gently turn out the tab so it sits at a 90[degrees] angle to the horn.

* Repeat to stitch the remaining tab to the remaining horn.

* Try on the headband. In a mirror, audition the horn placement and mark the desired placement on the headband using a removable fabric marker. Designate one headband edge as the front edge.

* Position one horn on the headband, aligning it with the mark. Wrap the tab around the headband, lapping it under the horn from the back. Mark where the tab aligns with the front of the headband, at slightly more than one full wrap.

* Carefully trim the tab at the mark.

* Align the tab cut edge against the headband front edge with the tab wrong side toward the headband and the edge aligned with the placement mark. Following the manufacturers instructions, apply fabric glue to the tab wrong side and use a binder clip to secure the tab while the glue dries.

* When the glue is dry enough to hold (it doesn't have to be fully dry yet), carefully remove the binder clip. If desired, further secure the tab by whipstitching the cut end to the headband (B).

* Apply glue to the rest of the tab wrong side. Wrap the tab around the headband so the horn is centered and use the binder clip to secure (C).

* Repeat to attach the remaining horn.

* Allow the glue to dry completely according to the manufacturer's instructions.

* If desired, further secure the horn by whipstitching the horn-tab join to the tab where it overlaps.


Lace headband toppers: CME, Dress Up Play exclusive collection:


BabyLock provided the Baby Lock Destiny II embroidery machine and the Madeira embroidery thread:

RNK Distributing provided the Floriani Wet N Gone Water-Soluble stabilizer:

Each lace headband design includes a coordinating tab for easy attachment.


Need a quick Halloween costume? Stitch up a freestanding lace costume piece to quickly attach to a headband. Try the bolts on a ribbon around your neck for a truly monstrous effect. Orient the bat wings low on your head, attach them to a hat, or stitch them to the back of a shirt or jacket. The ears are versatile enough to use for several animals--think cat, dog or fox, among others--depending on the color choices. And what little royal wouldn't love a pretty golden crown? Find the collection at


For a super-quick costume, stitch the horns to the headband and omit the glue to avoid drying time. Or pin through the tab and into your hair using hairpins or bobby pins.


To reduce the number of thread changes, advance the design to stitch all mesh underlay first, then go back to stitch all satin stitches after changing the thread.
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