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HallStar introduces new photostabilizer.

* The HallStar Company has launched Polycrylene S1, a new singlet-quenching photostabilizer that helps formulators meet FDA standards for broad-spectrum claims and enhances the water resistance of sun care and daily wear products, according to the company.

Polycrylene S1 allows formulators to combine active ingredients once considered too photo-unstable to be effective. Polycrylene S1 replaces the triplet-quenching portion of Polycrylene (INCI: Polyester-8) with a singlet-state quencher. The result is a powerful photostabilizer that improves sunscreens and daily wear products, providing better UV protection. Like Polycrylene, Polycrylene S1 is also a film-forming polymer that enhances the substantivity of sunscreen formulations.

"The sun is a powerful adversary to many active ingredients. For instance, it makes UV filters like avobenzone start to lose effectiveness almost immediately upon exposure," said John Paro, HallStar president, chairman, and CEO. "Innovative photostabilizers like Polycrylene S1 help skin and sun care formulators meet and exceed consumer requirements for better UVA and UVB protection in a product that's easy to apply and a pleasure to wear."

According to the FDA Final Rule issued in 2011, sunscreens must have a critical wavelength of at least 370 to earn the broad-spectrum designation. That benchmark is not feasible without including a UVA filter such as avobenzone. Singlet-state quenchers like Polycrylene S1 provide faster, more powerful ways to prevent or slow UVA filter degradation, making it easier for formulators to achieve the broad-spectrum designation.

In addition, Polycrylene S1 enhances water resistance, making it ideal for use in athletic sunscreens and daily wear products to be used at the pool and at the beach. It also provides a pleasant skin feel and is suitable for use in sprays, lotions, creams, balms and gels.

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Title Annotation:Supplier's Corner
Publication:Household & Personal Products Industry
Date:Aug 1, 2012
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