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Half of this fence is growing.

Is it architectural or horticultural? This 6foot-high cedar and pyracantha fence is clearly both, screening its Oregon garden in a tailored style that is anything but monotonous.

To construct the fence, the owner first sank 8-foot-long 4-by-4 posts 2 feet into the ground at 6-foot intervals. Then, to create a framework for both projecting and recessed panels, he nailed 2-by-4 rails flat at the top and bottom of the posts, alternating from the front and the back. On both garden and sidewalk sides, the rails are faced with cedar 1-by-4s. Alternate panels are recessed 7 inches and hidden by Pyracantha fortuneana'Mohave', which the owner planted from 1 -gallon cans in the middle of each recessed section. Cedar 1-by-4s also sheath exposed sides of posts, giving the fence a finished appearance.

Now 20 years old, the pyracantha, which filled the panels in two years, bears heavy annual crops of fruit. To achieve this, the owner avoids shearing the plant, simply snipping off long shoots as they come out in front and across the top. He never fertilizes, and these well-established plants get only the water provided by rain and what can be soaked up from waterings on the nearby beds or lawn. (In desert gardens, pyracantha may need some supplemental water.) If a spot is bare, he weaves a long shoot back into the plant to fill the void.
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Date:Apr 1, 1989
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