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Half of Bulgarian Customers Greeted with Smile.

One third of the Bulgarian customers are not satisfied with the services in the stores, even though 50% have been served with a smile, according to a report by the international company "Client X".

The survey was conducted among 1935 "mystery customers" from 24 countries in Europe, including Bulgaria.

The results of the survey show that even though half of the Bulgarian customers are served with a smile, 30% of them are still not satisfied. Spain and Denmark record 5% and 6% of unsatisfied customers, respectively, while the percentage in Ireland is 0.

On the other hand, the most unsatisfied shopping customers are in Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the percentages are 81% and 92% respectively. The most frowning are the vendors in Russia, Latvia and Turkey.

According to the survey, four out of five Bulgarians are greeted upon entering a store. Sweden and the Netherlands hold the first place, followed by Ireland and Spain. Only half of the Russians and 64% of the Turkish are greeted by the staff when they enter a store.

Another part of the survey shows how long people wait in lines. The results show that the Bulgarians spend an average of 10 minutes, waiting in lines in banks, around 7 minutes at train stations, and about 4 minutes in the supermarkets.

The servicing in clothing stores in Bulgaria happens for about 5 minutes, while the average time for waiting in line at bus stations is 3 minutes.

In Bulgaria, the survey shows, the queues are consisted of an average of 4 people. The number is the same in Denmark, Romania, Ireland and Hungary. About 6 people wait in line in Italy, and 7 - in Russia.

All around Europe, people spend the longest time waiting in lines in post offices and banks, and the least time - in clothing stores and fast food places.
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Publication:Sofia News Agency
Date:Aug 9, 2010
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