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Hair-raising performance from Pacino is a real shocker; 88 MINUTES (15,107 mins)Thriller/Action*.

WELL now. This should have been a taut, fresh thriller starring one of American cinema's giants in a remarkable new role.

Instead it's a silly gimmick-heavy crash-bang-wallop flick with Al Pacino in his second duff movie in as many weeks.

But never mind the duff movie, how about Pacino's duff hair?

Quite apart from the fact it looks like it's trying to jump off his head, it changes colour several times during the course of the film, going from a kind of skunky grey to a luxuriant chestnut over the 107 minute-long cavalcade of terror.

Oh, that's right by the way. It's actuallylongerthan88minutes.

Someone missed a trick there.

Over the one hour and 47 minutes of 88 Minutes, we see forensic psychiatrist Dr Jack Gramm (Pacino) put through the wringer.

You see he helped put away rapist-murderer Jon Forster(Neal McDonough) and now, as Forster's execution gets ever closer, a series of copy cat murders puts his conviction in doubt, and an anonymous call tells Gramm he has only88 minutes to live.

Why he would want to live out his final minutes with a haircut like that is another matter, but the threat is enough to send the doc off on a madcap thrill ride of twists and turns, cliffhangers and other such suspenseful situations.

Or at least it would do if this was half the film it wants to be.

Unfortunately it's stilted, full of bad dialogue and the only thrill comes when you realize the credits are rolling.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Oct 3, 2008
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