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Hair thickening sprays; Tried& tested; We all know size is important, especially when it comes to your hair. Which one of these products turns up the volume?

Byline: Words: Lynne Hyland and Zoe Cripps

Aussie Miracle Recharge Aussome Volume Spray, PS4.49

Beauty ed says: This lazy-day spray is designed to give hair condition AND volume between washes. I misted it on third-day hair and it left my hair loads smoother and a bit fuller. I wouldn't choose this for B-I-G hair but it's great for adding softness without sacrificing bounce.

Reader says: 'The smell is gorgeous! Great value for money too as you get a lot in the bottle. I did notice a difference in the volume of my hair. Less is more - on my first go I used too much and it left an almost sticky feel in places. Good results for such an inexpensive product.'

Simone Crosby, Bucks

7 out of 10

Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches Thickening Blow-dry Spray, PS17.50

Beauty ed says: Great name, brilliant product. After blow-drying, my hair was lush and insanely juzshed up - I could genuinely feel it was lifted at the roots as I walked! I had a bit more flyaway than usual but nothing that couldn't be tamed with hairspray. Expensive but damn good.

Reader: 'This has become my new must-have. So easy to use - just a few squirts before blow-drying and my hair is big and bouncy. The smell isn't too overpowering and the spray didn't leave any sticky residue. My only little niggle is that my hair did take a bit longer to dry, but it was worth the effort!'

Melinda Arnolds, Teeside

9 out of 10

Top tips for bigger hair

1 Ensure hair is towel-dried before applying thickening styling products, otherwise they may get too diluted.

2 Concentrate application at the roots, ensuring you apply to the back section as well as front and sides.

3 It's a mistake to blast-dry your hair upside down - it just ends up looking rough and dull. Instead, brush your hair against the direction it naturally falls while directing the dryer nozzle along the hair shaft. That gets a bend into the roots and smoothness along the length.

4 If you don't get your hair totally dry all the way through, it will quickly go flat. For best results, section off the hair on your crown and dry the back and sides first using a big round brush. Only once they are completely dry, start working on the top, drying it against the grain.

5 Once your hair is dry, pop super-size rollers into the front section, blast with the hairdryer and leave them to cool down for five minutes.

6 Help to keep volume in place by lifting up small sections of your hair and misting the underneath with spray. Then you can finish with a very light layer of spray over the top to smooth any flyaways.

All In The Wash

Pick the right shampoo: volumising ones thicken hair strands, but sleekening formulas weigh hair down making it harder to add volume.

Silvikrin Anti-Ageing Thickening Lotion, PS2.99

Beauty ed says: Gave my hair a bit of newsreader bounce but most of the volume had gone by the time I got to work. But this product was excellent for giving me soft, shiny, well-behaved hair. Even though the plumping effect wasn't the best, I'd still say my hair looked like it'd had a youth-over.

Reader says: 'I loved the idea of a thickening spray with anti-ageing effects (my hair is thinning slightly). I wasn't as impressed with the results - it didn't make my hair look any thicker. It make the ends of my hair softer and shinier, but I wouldn't use it again just for volume.'

Mary-Ann Tompkins, Herts

5 out of 10

Sexy Hair Big Dense Thickening Spray, PS10.50

Beauty ed says: This is designed as a style 'primer', giving hair structure and body. It felt very light, even when I'd applied quite a lot. On its own it was good, although not outstanding, for volume. What I really liked was how quick my hair was to blow dry into a fuller, smoother shape. For huge hair, combine this with mousse.

Reader says: 'I really liked the design of the bottle, it let out a fine mist which meant I didn't get big clumps on one area. The smell was a bit too chemical for my liking but my roots were noticeably more lifted after blow drying. Maybe not an everyday spray but I would use it again before a big night out.'

Rachael Davies, Glasgow

7 out of 10
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