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Hail the king of footir; Buzz is a real blast.

Toy Story Mania! (Wii) BEAUTIFULLY timed to tie-in with the release of Toy Story 3D at the cinema, this is a collection of mini-games with a carnival-style theme.

You can't go wrong with the likes of Woody and Buzz in a game, but Disney Interactive has ensured this is a catchy little title packed full of fun and challenges for the whole family.

It is essentially funfair puzzles, mini-games and shooting games incorporating everyone's favourite characters and utilising the genius of the Wii to full effect. Our version of the game came with a Buzz Lightyear ray gun and this added a whole new element of fun. You also get 3D glasses for the levels that use this feature, which Disney Interactive is keen to develop.

This is a real multiplayer gem and highly addictive. Some of the games are a bit naff, but on the whole the collection is strong and very playable.

Production values are as you come to expect from Disney, graphically it can't be faulted and the gameplay is strong too.

Story Mode is where you can unlock extras you can then play in Free Mode. Great fun for all the family, all I need to do now is seize back the Buzz Ray Gun (extra cost - but worth it!) from my youngest Lily who thinks it's a toy.

HHH FIFA 10 (Xbox 360) ELECTRONIC Arts have done something very clever with the FIFA series in the last two years.

The company's flagship cash cow in recent years has only had to turn up with a few Galacticos on the front cover, chuck in some slick gameplay, a good soundtrack and it topped the shelves with very little effort.

The one thing it never had, though, was a credible claim as the king of the footie games that was always a title held by Konami and Pro Evo. Like an unbeaten boxer without a title, it craved top-spot.

Now things are different, EA have carefully reconstructed their biggest asset, have stripped it bare and built it back up. The slick and simplistic gameplay that crippled it has been replaced by a sophisticated game engine. The real truth now, though, is this game is every bit as playable as Pro Evo and has in many people's eyes taken the mantle. Everything about FIFA 10 is perfect, the gameplay, the innovation, commentary, the depth of options, the graphics, the authenticity - the list goes on and on.

The title screen and options menu are very neat and well organized to show you how much there is on offer.

There are LIVE options, exhibition and quick play options, a brilliant management mode and an even better 'Be a Pro' option.

This lets you take on the role of one player in the team, a unique idea that it is a game in itself.

Options-wise all is as you would expect, but it is the gameplay that jumps out and takes you by the scruff of the neck.

The introduction of the new 360 dribbling system is immense, giving the player greater control and enabling players to find spaces between defenders that previously were not possible. Using an all-new animation technology, skilled dribblers now have the ability to face the defender and take him on.

All the slick 'ball on elastic' passing and 'goal every time' frailties are gone, now there are mad scrambles for balls, clumsy stumbles, missed headers and a million and one ways to miss the target.

The game is ultra-realistic. As you play, little things will make you nod approvingly, the goalies are superb and some of the saves will have you wondering how you didn't score.

A nice touch is when you get hacked down yet manage to stay on your feet, your player momentarily touches the ball with his hand and anxiously looks for a quick free kick.

Tackling has been enhanced, it feels good now and a lot of the random referee's actions have been removed, you know when you are getting booked and you know when you are heading for an early bath.

From top to bottom this is an awesome game and, in my opinion, the finest FIFA game to date.

To cram so much quality into one game is no mean feat.

This really is a gaming experience of the highest quality.

And just when you think you are good like I did with my Wolves team, there is always a 12-year-old mouthy kid in Japan ready to knock five past you in the first half on Xbox Live.

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