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Hail and farewell.

We would like to welcome aboard MMC(SS) Robert (Bobby) Morrow to the Damage Control section of the submarine division here at the Naval Safety Center. MMC Morrow's 15 years of submarine Damage Control, Auxiliary Division, and PMT experience and expertise will provide an invaluable asset to the survey teams. His previous commands have included the USS ALBANY (SSN-753), USS NORFOLK (SSN-714), Performance Monitoring Team Norfolk, PCU/USS HARTFORD (SSN-768), USS GEORGE BANCROFT (SSBN-643 BLUE), and USS HADDO (SSN-604). You can reach MMC Morrow at (757) 444-3520 ext. 7073 (DSN prefix 564) and e-mail

Finally, we would like to say farewell to MMCS(SS) Ron Downham. MMCS Downham had been serving as submarine safety analyst and operational risk management facilitator. He also participated in the Damage Control Working Group for the Seawolf and Virginia class submarines, as member of the DC/FF Working Group for NAVSEA, as a member of Navy's Protective Clothing Board, and Vice President of Naval Safety Center's CPOA. MMCS Downham reports to the USS FLORIDA as the Auxiliary Division LCPO and Safety Officer. We extend our best wishes and say, "thanks for a job well done, shipmate".
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Date:Jan 1, 2004
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