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Seeing Morse on a mortuary slab reminded me of my own mortality. It could well be me tomorrow; John Thaw reveals how filming Morse's final scenes proved emotional in more ways than one. Oct 28, 2000 2031
Interview: Daniela Denby-Ashe - How Daniela went from glum to glam; Daniela Denby-Ashe on how family support gave her the confidence to succeed. Oct 14, 2000 1131
All you need is hate; An explosive documentary sheds new light on the tangled loves in the life of John Lennon. Sep 30, 2000 1045
Interview: Stephen Gately - I want to adopt a child because I've got so much love to give; Gay Boyzone star Stephen Gately says he adores children and would like to start a family. Sep 23, 2000 1872
Cover story: I was terrified... Tony saved my life at least four times; Lenny Henry gives us an exclusive look into the private diary of his perilous Atlantic crossing with Tony Bullimore. Aug 26, 2000 3529
My Diary: A DAY IN THE LIFE OF CARL FOGARTY; I spent my childhood at the side of the track watching my dad race. As a kid I had absolute belief that I'd be a world champ. Aug 12, 2000 1097
My diary: I've got 14 scenes to learn for tomorrow and you can't fluff your lines. Do that and you wouldn't last very long on the Street; A DAY IN THE LIFE OF WILLIAM ROACHE. Aug 5, 2000 915
Sex, lies and hospital dramas; Crimewatch's Fiona Bruce confesses to a little white lie that had painful repercussions. Aug 5, 2000 2061
MY DIARY: A DAY IN THE LIFE OF JAMIE BROADBENT; When I sit in on Chris Evans' show I'm often the butt of all his jokes, but it never bothers me because we're all so close. Jul 1, 2000 996
My Diary: A DAY IN THE LIFE OF FRANK McCARTNEY; Around 27,000kg of strawberries are consumed during the Wimbledon fortnight, along with about 7,000 litres of cream. Jun 24, 2000 808
Gucci Girls on top of the world; Penny Smith has just pounded the Inca Trail in Peru with pal Mariella Frostrup. Angela Hagan hears their story. Jun 24, 2000 1856
Interview: Alan Davies - Hair-raising stories; Stalkers, abusive fans... Alan Davies has had them all and doesn't like playing the fame game. By Angela Hagan. Jun 17, 2000 1156
Interview: Anthea Turner - How a baby will make my life with Grant complete; After their traumatic very public affair, Anthea Turner is planning a family with Grant Bovey. By Angela Hagan. Jun 17, 2000 1181
Interview: Gary Lineker - Why I'm footballed out...; Gary Lineker talks soccer all day at work, then has to do it all over again at home with his sons. By Angela Hagan. Jun 17, 2000 1800
My Diary A DAY IN THE LIFE OF MARK FULLER: All these celebrities such as Posh and Becks are used to performing for others but in here we have to perform for them. Jun 10, 2000 899
A wild girl's guide to living dangerously; Smack The Pony's madcap Fiona Allen isn't one for a quiet life. So will marriage tame her? By Angela Hagan. May 13, 2000 1901
What a carry on; Samantha Spiro found inspiration from beyond the grave. Apr 22, 2000 504
My Diary: EastEnders stars suspect that stories of them quitting are not true but there's this nagging doubt... I'm a shoulder to cry on My Diary; A DAY IN THE LIFE OF MAL YOUNG. Apr 15, 2000 925
Barrymore plays it straight; Funnyman Michael Barrymore talks about his fears over taking on his first serious acting role. Apr 1, 2000 1660
My Diary: A DAY IN THE LIFE OF KAJSA McLAREN; Just 4ft 10in tall, Kajsa (pronounced kyser) McLaren will be hoping to steer Oxford to victory in today's University Boat Race. The dark blues' cox is reading French and Spanish, and is a distant relation to the McLaren motor racing dynasty. Kajsa, 19, whose family live near Oxford, tells ANGELA HAGAN about her team's hectic preparation for this traditional event, first held in 1877. Mar 25, 2000 843
Marriage is too old fashioned for me... but I'd love to be a mum again; Elle Macpherson on her longing for another baby and the inner fears that haunt her. By Angela Hagan. Mar 25, 2000 1694
Mystery of the vanishing woman; Jacqueline Leonard talks exclusively about the ups and downs of life since she quit EastEnders By Angela Hagan. Mar 25, 2000 1692
How my hero husband saved me from my brutal ordeal; A violent relationship shook The Grimleys' Ruby Snape's belief in men, until she met her husband. Feb 26, 2000 1732
Interview: John Leslie - Catherine will make the best mum in the world and I'm pleased that she's found love; JOHN LESLIE ON THAT FABULOUS EX. Feb 24, 2000 1120
A DAY IN THE LIFE OF MICHAEL PARKINSON; I never get nervous but David Niven was often sick before a show. Even Muhammad Ali was scared for the first ten minutes. Jan 29, 2000 838
Interview Noddy Holder: Still crazee after all these years; One-time glam-rock hero and current Grimleys star Noddy Holder still likes to party, but now he wants to spend more time with his family. Jan 29, 2000 1590
Fashion: How I made mum's dream come true; Her mother was a frustrated actress whose tireless encouragement gave Amanda Redman the ambition to succeed. Jan 15, 2000 1775
THE DANGEROUS WORLD OF DAVINA McCALL; Davina has faced some fearsome challenges for her TV show, but her latest death-defying stunt, never before attempted, left her quaking with fear. Jan 8, 2000 1924
The first time I: FIONA DOLMAN; Fiona, 29, plays solicitor Jackie Lambert in Heartbeat, who this week marries Aidensfield's top PC Mike Bradley. Here, she tells Angela Hagan about dating Richard Gere, why Christmas Eve drinks are forbidden and recalls the time she stalked Madness. Oct 30, 1999 891
We're toe very happy; REAL LIFE LOVES OF COLD FEET STARS. Sep 30, 1999 1666
I've been engaged for 5 years but I won't marry . . mum and dad's split was just too painful; AGONY OF HEARTBEAT BARMAID TRICIA. Sep 29, 1999 1229
I've been engaged for 5 years but I won't marry . . mum and dad's split was just too painful; AGONY OF HEARTBEAT BARMAID TRICIA. Sep 28, 1999 1230
Having a baby is like the best night out and the holiday of your life rolled into one; Mark Jordon has played loveable PC Bellamy since Heartbeat first started. And although he enjoys the fame, he tells Angela Hagan his greatest happiness is being a husband and dad. Sep 25, 1999 1535
The first time I: FAY RIPLEY; Fay, 33, returns as the long-suffering housewife Jenny in a new series of the award-winning drama Cold Feet. Here she tells Angela Hagan about playing the clown, kissing a frogman who didn't turn into a prince and why wooden spoons terrify her. Sep 25, 1999 904
My mum's death made me aware of how precious life is - and now I live every moment to the full. Aug 7, 1999 1789
I couldn't settle down and have kids..there is too much to do to help save our world; EXCLUSIVE: ACTRESS JULIA'S MISSION AS A GREENPEACE WARRIOR. Aug 3, 1999 1156
Gaby's act of faith; To the public she was TV's Golden Girl, but Gaby Roslin's private life was in turmoil, losing her mother to cancer as her dad fought the same terrible disease. Angela Hagan discovers how Gaby's religion, and supportive husband Colin, helped pull her through. Jul 24, 1999 1078
A day in the life of.. TV presenter Carol Vorderman. Jul 24, 1999 1043
The first time I ... CLAIRE COX; Claire, 25, stars in The Last Salute, the 1960s-set comedy series about the AA, even though she's never learned to drive. Here she tells Angela Hagan how Opal Fruits, hairy-chested men, water-pistols and Whitney Houston have featured in her life. Jul 24, 1999 732
Back in the high life again; She quit a top role in Heartbeat, then struggled to find work. Niamh Cusack tells Angela Hagan about the part that has restored her confidence. Apr 10, 1999 528
Interview: Amita's new life; She played Milly in the cult hit This Life and now Amita Dhiri looks set for stardom in her own right. Angela Hagan hears how she juggles her work with motherhood; THE LAST TRAIN; Wednesday ITV 9.45pm and Thursday 9pm. Apr 3, 1999 1209
I don't want my son to have the kind of difficult childhood I had. I love Alfie too much for that; Carol Harrison is leaving EastEnders as troubled mum Louise to devote more time to her son. She tells Angela Hagan why she's determined not to let her unhappy past affect his future. Mar 27, 1999 2593
The first time I: Kaye Adams; One of TV's fastest rising stars, the 36-year-old Scot co-hosts Thursday Night Live with Nicky Campbell and her own BBC2 series called, appropriately, Kaye. Here she tells Angela Hagan about Rollermania and how she became a fashion trendsetter. Mar 27, 1999 1084
Jayne Middlemiss: The first time I..; A former model, Jayne now presents Top Of The Pops and The O Zone. Here the 28-year-old Geordie tells Angela Hagan about her poor track record with men, why she refuses to get behind the wheel of a car, and about the trauma of watching Andy Pandy. Mar 13, 1999 911
The first time I: Stacey Young. Mar 6, 1999 1031
The first time I: Glenda McKay; Glenda, 27, has played man-eating Rachel Hughes in Emmerdale for more than ten years. Here she tells Angela Hagan of her "big hair" fashion disaster, how she lost her dream date to her best friend, and about performing an uncool dance routine to Prince. Feb 27, 1999 1168
The first time I... Annette Ekblom; Peak Practice star Annette, 39, tells Angela Hagan about going walkabout from her magazine job, being the troublemaker at school, and warns of the dangers of mixing port and brandy and taking advice from your brother about buying used cars. Feb 13, 1999 1045
A day in the life of..; Carol Vorderman's Better Homes twins. Jan 23, 1999 872
Fay lands on her feet; Fay Ripley is counting her blessings for landing a part in the hilarious new sitcom Cold Feet - even though, she tells Angela Hagan, filming the series has done little to spare her blushes; COLD FEET; Sunday ITV 9.30pm. Nov 28, 1998 1118
A QUESTION OF HEALTH... KEITH FLOYD; He loves a tipple and smokes 30 a day, but TV chef Keith Floyd says he couldn't be in better shape. Here Keith, 54, who's back on our screens in a new wine series Floyd Uncorked, tells Angela Hagan the secret of his good health and shares his weird hangover cures. Oct 17, 1998 888
THE FIRST TIME I...MELANIE STACE; Talented all-rounder Melanie is a singer, actress and dancer but is best known as Jim Davidson's assistant on The Generation Game. Here Melanie, 30, tells Angela Hagan about the scorching start to her singing career and why she fancies Donny Osmond. Oct 17, 1998 909
FEMME FATALE; She may be in her fifties, but Francesca Annis still has a certain something that men find irresistible. She tells Angela Hagan about her young loves, both on and off screen; RECKLESS: THE MOVIE; Sunday ITV 9pm. Oct 10, 1998 944
Richard and Judy can be difficult and we have fallen out. But we'll shout and swear and get it sorted; BY NICK BULLEN EDITOR OF THIS MORNING. Sep 19, 1998 1222
How I'll overcome MY FEARS ABOUT MEN; She has been rocked by rumours that fiance Darren Day has been flirting with other women and also by her father confessing to an extra- marital affair. So it's little wonder that Tracy Shaw's faith in men has been tested. But, she tells Angela Hagan, it has also made her stronger. Sep 19, 1998 1991
Every day I wake up and think what s**t is my life going to throw at me next; EXCLUSIVE: BOB GELDOF OPENS HIS HEAVY HEART. Sep 16, 1998 1143
Man who made my heart beat; Heartbeat star Kazia Pelka had resigned herself to life as a single girl. Then she met her soulmate. Giving a rare glimpse into her private life, she tells Angela Hagan of her hopes and fears over her forthcoming wedding, and her plans for the future. Sep 5, 1998 2139
REACHING; NEW PEAKS; Kevin Whately left Peak Practice amid rumours about his love life. Angela Hagan hears how he's coped with the irony of his latest role as a man whose affair has torn his marriage apart; THE BROKERS' MAN Thursday BBC1 9.30pm. Jul 18, 1998 1059
How Peter keeps his pecker up; Legendary nightclub owner Peter Stringfellow, 57, tells ANGELA HAGAN how he likes nothing more to relax on a lazy Sunday afternoon in bed with his latest girlfriend - Stringfellows dancer Deborah Thewlis who, at 21, is rather older than his last conquest. Jun 26, 1998 952
Soccer scores with top artists; FANTASY FOOTBALL EXHIBITION. Jun 12, 1998 234
THE FIRST TIME I...ESTELLE SKORNIK; She's the racy Nicole who drives her Papa to distraction in those Renault Clio ads - and millions saw her tie the knot in the latest instalment. Yet in real life, Estelle Skornik, 27, is so shy, she tells Angela Hagan, that her first kiss was at 16. Jun 6, 1998 850
ROSEMARIE'S BABY; She has remained silent about her love for Robert Lindsay but now Rosemarie Ford tells Angela Hagan why she wants to settle down and have children; ROLF'S AMAZING WORLD OF ANIMALS; SUNDAY BBC1 6.45pm. May 23, 1998 1155
DON'T MESS WITH MY MAN; cover story; Melanie Griffith talks to ANGELA HAGAN for the first time of her love for Antonio Banderas,. May 8, 1998 697
I've had a great run in the fast lane.. now I want to retire and slow down; MY DIARY BY MARATHON RUNNER LIZ McCOLGAN. Apr 25, 1998 668
FEET of endurance. Apr 24, 1998 504
My daughter's letter made me walk away from fame; Casualty's Julia Watson is quitting the show because, she tells Angela Hagan, she wants to spend more time with her family... Feb 28, 1998 1805
The year my life changed; THE LOOK INTERVIEW: CARON KEATING. Feb 21, 1998 1824
THE FIRST TIME I...CLAIRE GOOSE; She sets pulses racing as sexy nurse Tina Seabrook in BBC1's Casualty (left with Derek Thompson). But Claire Goose, 23, tells Angela Hagan that although she had her first kiss at the age of five, she saved herself for the right man until she was 21. Feb 14, 1998 1304
KISS AND TELL; THE GRAND Friday ITV 9.00pm. Jan 31, 1998 978
TITANIC DISASTER NEARLY SANK ME; But James gets a box office lifeline. Jan 22, 1998 725
WRIGHT CHAT-UP LINE; THE TV INTERVIEW: IAN WRIGHT: On the pitch, England and Arsenal striker Ian Wright lets his feet do the talking. Can he do the same on TV? Jan 17, 1998 778
BEHR FACED CHIC; Her television career has been as erratic as her love life, but now Dani looks ready to triumph in both. She has landed the prime time show Ice Warriors...and her man. Jan 10, 1998 1263
Mother act hard to swallow. Jan 7, 1998 179
There's no way I should get to keep Zoe's baby; STREET JUDY'S VERDICT ON TV TOT SWAP. Dec 30, 1997 555
I love my Mr Posh; Merton has soft spot for Lynam, too. Dec 27, 1997 401
CINDY'S DAYS OF TERROR. Dec 27, 1997 282
I LOVE BEING A DAD; Baby joy of Jolson star Brian. Dec 22, 1997 325
Festive five's celebrations; Cover Story: Christmas Away From The Street; Affairs, scandals, family traumas and confrontation are all the seasonal ingredients of the soaps. But away from the dramas, how do the stars spend their Christmas Day? The Weatherfield glamour girls reveal their secrets. Dec 20, 1997 1289
Heavy Date Thandie Just Had To Make; Love Bites: In Your Dreams. Dec 13, 1997 320
The lady sings the blues; PAINTED LADY Sunday and Monday ITV 9.00pm. Dec 6, 1997 1043
If I were really like Lily I'd be tickled pink. Dec 5, 1997 296
Sex, Pies And Video Tapes..; Joker Jeremy tells secrets of his X Files. Dec 5, 1997 627
He's having a Vine old time; All present and correct for comic Tim. Dec 4, 1997 460
How Ricki seized her slim chance. Dec 4, 1997 273
Young One? I was nearly a Young Farmer; 10 facts give you Bottom line on Mayall. Nov 27, 1997 507
MY TERROR IN JUNGLE BY TV PENNY; I thought I'd die in gun attack. Nov 27, 1997 614
I look at women I admire - but I'd never stray. Nov 21, 1997 944
MY FAMILY GRIEF - BY STAR GABY. Nov 19, 1997 271
Emmerdale vamp Mandy's on Bondi; BEACH; and she's having a; WHALE; of a time with a sexy Aussie heart-throb. Nov 7, 1997 771

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