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Hafezieh: the tomb of Hafez.


Hafez flourished and wrote his renowned poetry in the 1300s. About 20 years after his death, this tomb was built in the Mosallah Gardens outside Shiraz.

The tomb is a simple but majestic design. Here it is seen in the daylight and at night with the interior of dome illuminated.

Hafez lived in Shiraz when Tamerlane conquered the city. One of the perhaps apocryphal stories about Hafez reports that the conquerer was offended on reading a ghazal of Hafez that said:

If the belle of Shiraz grabs ahold of my heart, Just for her Hindu-like mole, I would give All of Samarqand, all of Bokhara.... Since Samarqand and Bokhara were the ruler's finest cities, he called in Hafez and asked how dare he speak of selling them for a mole.

Hafez reportedly bowed deeply and replied: "Alas, my prince, it is this prodigality that is the cause of the misery in which you find me." Tamerlane was said to be so taken with this response that he not only allowed Hafez to live but dismissed him with gifts.

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